Children's camps in Tver for the summer. Children's camps in Tver 2015

Children's camps in Tver

Children's camps in Tver

Before the start of summer holidays, parents think about how to organize useful leisure activities for their children. An excellent solution is to purchase a ticket to a children's camp. The choice is large enough: rest at the sea, in the forest, near a lake or river. Children's camps in Tver are located in ecologically safe areas.

Benefits of children's recreation in Tver

Summer holidays in the Tver region are organized at a decent level. This is facilitated by nature, climate and a well-oiled scheme of children's leisure. This area is a vast area spread over the territory of the East European Plain. Plains prevail here, but there are many peat bogs and limestones. The climate in Tver cannot be called ideal, but the quality of children's recreation does not suffer from this. The weather in the region sometimes changes dramatically, since this region has a significant length from east to west. Therefore, numerous sanatoriums, recreation centers and camps offer varied leisure and interesting entertainment that does not depend on climatic conditions. Children's camps in Tver necessarily carry out health-improving work.

Rest in children's camps

Children's camps such as «friendship», «Otmichi», «Satellite», «Peer» etc. You can improve your health in the camp «friendship», which is considered health and educational. It is located near the Tvertsa River and 25 km away from Tver. The institution is designed for 200 children in one shift.

Each camp in Tver employs proactive teachers who are passionate about their tasks. The teaching staff relies on the traditions formed in the process of work. One shift usually lasts 21 days.

The purpose of the camp shifts is the same - to promote children's full-fledged rest and recovery. Educators and teachers create an atmosphere of psychological comfort. In the children's camp, the child strengthens his health and acquires new social experiences. Almost all camps in Tver include environmental education in the program. The guys travel and hike along ecological paths. They get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the Tver region, learn the correct behavior in nature.

Many schoolchildren enjoy camping. They are set up in protected areas of health camps or in the wild. Children live in camping or army tents, the type of which is selected depending on the climatic conditions of the area and the specialization of the campground. Durable, wind-resistant and waterproof tents reliably protect them from adverse environmental factors.

Photos of children's camps in Tver

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