Russian cuisine: photos, dishes and recipes of national cuisine of Russia

Russian cuisine

Russian cuisine

The cuisine of Russia has absorbed the gastronomic traditions of hundreds of peoples who live on the territory of the country..

National cuisine of Russia

Soup is an obligatory dish of Russian lunch: first, the broth is boiled (on meat, fish, mushrooms), after which vegetables are added to it.
National snacks are jellied meat, jellied fish, home-style salted herring. Horseradish, garlic, mayonnaise, piquant sauces are used as an addition to various snacks. From meat dishes (they are served with a side dish of vegetables, cereals, noodles), pork chops, beef stroganoff, goose with apples, beef goulash should be distinguished. As for fish dishes, they are usually served with boiled buckwheat or potatoes..

Popular dishes of Russian cuisine:

  • dumplings (made from unleavened dough and stuffed with minced meat);
  • pancakes (they are served with sour cream, caviar, jam, meat or mushrooms);
  • okroshka (a mixture of vegetables, eggs and herbs, seasoned with kvass or cucumber pickle with the addition of sour cream);
  • pie (Russian baked pie with various fillings).

Where to taste the national cuisine?

Would you like to visit a Russian restaurant and order a traditional Russian lunch? On the first, you will be offered to taste soup, on the second - fish or meat with a side dish, on the third - kvass, compote or jelly.

In Moscow you can visit “Pushkin” (in this restaurant guests are offered to enjoy pancakes with cottage cheese, apples, with creamy filling and berries, suckling pig, dumplings with salmon, mushrooms or meat), in St. Petersburg - “Russian fishing” (the institution specializes in Russian and fish dishes: here you can taste cabbage soup, dumplings, pancakes, pies, dishes from herring, sturgeon, trout), in Nizhny Novgorod - “Vitalich” (the institution offers to try traditional Russian cuisine, and here you can also see Russian samovars on the shelves).

Cooking courses in Russia

You can learn the nuances of Russian cuisine in Moscow at a culinary school “Taste of Russia”: “pupils” here they are introduced to interesting and popular recipes of Russian cuisine (master classes will be waiting for them, as well as work with their own hands in a relaxed atmosphere). Those who decide to learn about the new Russian cuisine will be able to take courses at the culinary school “Ask the chef” (Moscow): in 3 days “pupils” learn what dishes are included in this concept and learn how to cook 20 dishes.

A visit to Russia can be matched to the celebration of the Day of the Turkey (Rostov-on-Don, May), the Holiday of the pie (Izborsk, May), festivals “Oh yes food!” (St. Petersburg, December), in honor of the Kama cuisine (Perm, December) and Syzran tomato (Syzran, August).


  • Russian cuisine
  • Russian cuisine
  • Russian cuisine