Reserves of the Urals: national, natural reserves in the Urals

Reserves of the Urals

Reserves of the Urals

The Ural geographic region is located at the junction of Europe and Asia, and its main natural formation is the Ural mountain system. Tourism in the Urals has a long tradition and there are many hiking, horse, ski and car routes in the region, which annually pass thousands of people who are in love with travel and the nature of their native land. Special nature reserves of the region - reserves of the Urals, which are popular with local historians, climbers, photographers, students and all those who prefer to actively spend their holidays or vacations.

Ten coordinates for an unforgettable vacation

In total, there are ten specially protected areas, called reserves, on the territory of the Ural region. The most popular of them were chosen by tourists from all over Russia and foreign countries:

  • One of the oldest in the country, the Bashkir Reserve appeared on its map back in 1930. Today, its workers protect more than 700 species of plants and 150 species of birds, and wild Bashkir bees provide real honey, which can be bought in local souvenir shops..
  • Vishersky Reserve in the Urals is one of the largest massifs of taiga dark coniferous forest in the Old World, which has never been cut down. Sable and mink, eagle and eagle owl, wolf and reindeer - in this reserved forest there are interesting representatives of the animal kingdom in their natural habitat. The administration of the reserve is located in the city of Krasnovishersk, Perm Territory, where you can find out the rules for visiting the reserve and get its map.
  • Karst Kapova Cave with unique rock paintings of the Paleolithic era is not the only attraction of the Shulgan-Tash reserve. Its workers preserve the population of the Burzyan bee and support the existence of more than 130 families of these rare insects..

Ural gems

In the reserves of the Urals, not only rare plants and animals are protected, but also geological and mineralogical resources. Of greatest interest in the Ilmensky Reserve are pegmatous veins, in which precious and other gemstones are found. The famous Fersman Museum displays more than 200 minerals discovered on the territory of the Ilmensky ridge.
No less valuable, but already for historians, are archaeological sites on the territory of the Ilmensky Reserve - Mesolithic sites of ancient people, burial grounds, settlements of the Bronze Age.


  • Reserves of the Urals
  • Reserves of the Urals