Holidays in Russia in November: prices and weather. Where to relax in Russia in November

Holidays in Russia in November

Holidays in Russia in November

It would seem that in Russia in November there is nothing but slush and piercing cold, and vacation at this time of year is hopelessly ruined, unless, of course, you go to a warm country like Egypt. But in a country with 11 time zones, the weather cannot be the same in the last autumn month. If you do a good search, you can find a great place to stay..


The weather in Russia in November in different regions can be diametrically opposite. So, in Siberia, there are already frosts, in the middle lane, autumn is in full swing, and on the Black Sea coast you can lie on the beach and even go into the water for a couple of minutes.

Where to go in November

The main thing on vacation is to change the scenery, to make a trip to those regions where you have never been. Travel agencies offer a lot of tours, both weekend and weekly or more in the cities of Russia.

  • The Golden Ring has remained one of the most popular routes for many years. In most cases, this is a bus tour. You can make a trip in the summer, but it is unlikely that in the thirty-degree heat you want to shake for several days in a stuffy bus. And November is perfect for a trip. It's freezing outside the window, but it's warm and comfortable on the bus..
  • In November, it's time to get acquainted with the sights of Moscow or St. Petersburg. Tour desks offer a variety of bus excursions not to be neglected. But if you want to get to know better, for example, Peterhof or Kolomna, it is better to go there by public transport and devote the whole day to this pleasant journey. Holidays in Russia in November is a great opportunity to finally see the exhibits of the Hermitage or the Tretyakov Gallery, for which there is simply not enough time in the summer.
  • In November, you can enjoy the purest air of Altai or the clear waters of Lake Baikal to your heart's content. And if the purpose of the trip is Karelia, you can also go fishing.
  • And what to do if the soul is torn back, on warm summer days, and you could not save up for a vacation in the Canaries or Bali? Go to the Black Sea or the Caucasus. Swimming in the sea is no longer possible, but walking along mountain paths or city streets in a T-shirt is still quite possible. In Anapa, Sochi or Gelendzhik, you can go to see the waterfalls or take a cable car ride to the top of the mountain and back.
  • In November, the flow of tourists to Elbrus and Dombay increases, where everything is ready for skiing. The snow cover by this time had already been completely established, and lovers of steep and gentle slopes, who missed skiing over the summer, are storming the mountain slopes with enthusiasm..

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  • Holidays in Russia in November
  • Holidays in Russia in November