Resorts of Saudi Arabia: photos, description

Saudi Arabia Resorts

Saudi Arabia Resorts

One of the most closed states on earth for non-Muslims, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has increasingly issued entry visas for foreign tourists in recent years. It is unlikely that a Christian will be able to see Mecca with his own eyes, but the residents of Russia who profess Islam are quite capable of this task. All others can only look at the second Muslim holy city of Medina and relax in the resort of Saudi Arabia on the shores of the Red Sea.

For or Against?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, without a doubt, is not the most comfortable area for a relaxed beach holiday. Once on its territory, you should strictly observe local laws and customs so as not to become persona non grata or simply not to get into the local police.
Doubt about your choice? Then try to take into account that local restaurants will not offer you pork and alcohol, and representatives of the fair half of the tourist fraternity will have to wear not only harem pants or a long dress, but also an abaya..

The city of markets and statues

This is how you can briefly describe Jeddah - the main resort of Saudi Arabia. It is located on the Red Sea and also serves as the largest port in the kingdom. It is in Jeddah that the courts with thousands of faithful, wishing to make the Hajj to Mecca, dock..
Old quarters and many museum exhibits are not the only attractions in Jeddah. It is famous for its four hundred statues scattered throughout the city. A strange phenomenon for the Islamic world, these statues are also made by little-known sculptors and craftsmen with a worldwide reputation..
The grave of the ancestor of all mankind brought the Saudi Arabia resort no less fame. According to legend, Eve was buried in Jeddah, but no guide, let alone a historian, can vouch for the accuracy of this information..

Diving Paradise

Fifty kilometers north of Jeddah, there are hotels and beaches in the suburb of Obir, where it is customary to indulge in a beach holiday. There are not too many sunbathers here, but divers are quite common..
The Red Sea is a great default snorkeling destination, and the coral reefs in the Saudi Arabian resort are particularly pristine. More than two hundred of their varieties represent a unique ecosystem, which in the coming years will become an absolute bait for many thousands of scuba diving fans..


  • Saudi Arabia Resorts
  • Saudi Arabia Resorts