Serbian holidays are traditions. National holidays of Serbia

Serbian Holidays

Serbian Holidays

Incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing with its landscapes, Serbia is located next to Romania and Montenegro. Many guests of the country come to see the villages located in the mountains, as well as breathe in the purest local air..

Unfortunately, tourists have little interest in Serbia, but in vain. Vineyard fields, covering green plains, enchanting mountain fortresses with their mystery. But you never know the most beautiful places are hidden in the vastness of fertile Serbia. But not only this country can please you, the holidays in Serbia are also amazing and unique in their own way..

Wookie cathedral

Loznitsa annually celebrates the feast of the Vukov Cathedral. The celebration continues for seven whole days. The celebration is one of the oldest holidays in the country, playing an important role in the cultural development of the country. It is dedicated to the great Vuk Karadzic, the former initiator and current participant of the Vienna Literary Agreement on the Unity of the Serbo-Croatian Language.

Novi Sad Music Festival

Since the 2000s, a music festival has been organized on the territory of the Petrovaradin Fortress of Novi Sad, which lasts for four days. The event is one of the most ambitious music shows in all of Southeast Europe. The holiday was even awarded the prize as the best festival of the year 2007. Hip-hop and rock performers, as well as club and «electronic» musicians.


The holiday with a rather unusual name is celebrated annually on March 9th. In Serbia, the celebration begins with cleaning the house and courtyard. Housewives simply burn the accumulated and already unnecessary things, conducting a kind of cleansing rite. Households are offered to jump over the fire three times, also clearing themselves of the troubles of the past year.

From that day on, you can already start planting potatoes, which is what many are doing. Young people have fun in their own way, arranging chants and games. And in the morning, when the sun rises, they begin to pick the willow. The holiday is also joyfully held for kids. Everywhere they look, children will find a treat in the form of honey cookies..

Beat petak

Bilyani petak is another ancient holiday. It falls on the last Friday preceding the day of St. George. Since ancient times, it has become a tradition that girls and women go to the forest on this day to harvest medicinal plants. At the same time, adult women share their experience with young women, showing useful herbs and places of their collection.

There is one curious tradition in Serbia. Until this holiday, housewives are forbidden to touch poultry with their hands, and even more so to bring it into the house. It is believed that in this case, the chickens will lay much worse..


  • Serbian Holidays
  • Serbian Holidays
  • Serbian Holidays