Transport in Belgrade. Public transport in Belgrade - types, development

Transport in Belgrade

Transport in Belgrade

The transport system in Belgrade is particularly developed, so tourists can note the convenience of moving around the city..

Buses, trolleybuses, trams

  • The bus is the most popular form of public transport. Currently, there are 149 routes that cover almost the entire city. At night (from 24.00 to 04.00) 26 routes operate.
  • The eastern part and the historic center of Belgrade are served by eight trolleybus routes.
  • There are 12 tram routes. One of them allows you to get to New Belgrade, located on the left bank of the Savva and is inaccessible to trolleybuses..

The cost of the ticket will depend on the tariff zone, but at the same time, it can be noted that there is a benefit for tourists, because the attractions are located in the same zone. If you buy a ticket from a driver, you should be prepared for a significant overpayment. If you want to save money, you can buy a full-day ticket from the newsstand. Remember that composting is mandatory, otherwise you will have to pay a fine.


There are also minibuses available for people, known as minibuses. This type of public transport is characterized by a high level of comfort. At the same time, one should prepare for the fact that the cost in minibuses will be higher than in buses. Minibuses can only be caught at a stop, since they are prohibited from stopping in other places. There are currently eight routes in operation, marked with the letter E.

Electric trains

It should be noted that there is an opportunity to travel by train inside the city and in all its suburbs. This transport in Belgrade is designed for patient people who have free time. «Beovoz» - electric train system, which consists of two tariff zones and five branches. Two stations, namely «Karadjordjev park» and «Wookie sopomenik», are located underground. The minimum interval for electric trains is 15 minutes.


There are 24 taxi services in Belgrade. On the roofs of all licensed vehicles, there are two plates at once: TAXI, a four-digit number. Each car is equipped with a meter, but if you plan to take a taxi to the airport, get ready for a fixed price. Ordering a car by phone allows you to get a 20% discount. Taxi travel can be beneficial.


For people who strive for an active lifestyle, there is a bicycle rental office located at the Savsko Lake. Some hotels also offer bicycles for rent. The option is profitable, because every day there are special discounts.


  • Transport in Belgrade
  • Transport in Belgrade
  • Transport in Belgrade