Coat of arms of Singapore: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Singapore

Coat of arms of Singapore
Many countries of the planet receive state symbols along with gaining independence, changing the status of colonial territories. The coat of arms of Singapore was adopted in 1959, while the country was part of the great British Empire, but received self-government.
In 1959, in addition to the official symbol, an anthem and a flag were adopted by a committee headed by To Chin Chai, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore. The image of the coat of arms did not change after gaining independence and remained the main symbol of the state.
From 1963 to 1965, Singapore was part of the Federation of Malaysia, the coat of arms of this united state consisted of the emblems of all the countries that make up it. After leaving the federation, the Singaporeans returned the old coat of arms of 1959, and they never parted with it..

Description of the coat of arms of Singapore

The main symbol of the state is based on the best European heraldic traditions, in particular, the following elements are used: shield; supporters; tape with an inscription. At the same time, it can be noted that the image has an Asian flavor, a rather interesting color scheme has been chosen..
The central place is given to the scarlet shield. It features a crescent moon and stars. The crescent is located in an original way, with horns on top, above its five-pointed stars, which form a symbolic circle or, rather, a pentagram, because their number is five. Celestial objects are presented in silver (white).
The carnivorous representatives of the fauna of the East - the lion (left) and the tiger (right), which have a natural color, act as shield holders. Animals lean their hind legs on golden palm branches.
Below the composition is an azure ribbon with a silvery underside, on which the motto is written (in Malay). It can be translated as "Forward, Singapore", which indicates the big plans of the country, its inhabitants and aspiration for the future..

Symbols of elements of the coat of arms

The main elements of the country's coat of arms have deep symbolic meaning. The crescent moon is the symbol of a young, growing nation. Each of the five stars are national ideals that citizens should aspire to. Among the ultimate goals of an ideal state are equality, justice, peace, progress, democracy..
The lion acts as a symbol of Singapore, the tiger reminds of the close historical relationship with Malaysia. An interesting fact is that the motto written on the coat of arms coincides with the name of the national anthem of the country..


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