Independently to Singapore: trip, routes. Traveling in Singapore

Independent travel to Singapore

Independent travel to Singapore

Despite the fact that Singapore is by the sea, a beach holiday here is not a good idea. Pure water in Singapore cannot be found even in a specially designated place for swimming, and therefore vacation in this far corner of the world is spent by those who prefer exotic, mixed with the modern achievements of mankind..

When to go to Singapore?

Temperature readings of +30 degrees are typical in Singapore for any time of the year. The climate here is tropical, influenced by the monsoons, and therefore it rains regardless of the season. Particularly "wet" months are winter months, when heavy rainfalls can paralyze even the work of ground transport for several minutes..

How to get to Singapore?

Direct flights from the capital of Russia take about 10 hours, and the time for connecting flights depends on the location of the transit airport. Excellent prices and service are traditionally offered by Emirates and Qatar airlines, for which the independent traveler should check in advance and regularly for special offers..

Housing issue

In a city that is called one of the main economic wonders of our time, even hotels with a small number of stars on the facade offer decent comfort and service. Hotels in Singapore are usually located in the city and do not have an adjacent territory. The order of prices depends on the name and stars, but it is possible to find a quite pleasant option if you start monitoring prices in advance. The location of the hotel can also play an important role, and therefore you should decide which sights are priority for viewing.

Argue about tastes

Restaurants in Singapore, like hotels, are an example of service and a high culture of service. Here you can find any cuisine and try the most exotic dishes. Oddly enough, but restaurants in Singapore are a great opportunity to taste Peking duck, which, according to experienced gourmets, is in no way inferior to the one served in its homeland. Tipping is usually included in the bill, and therefore you don't have to puzzle over how to thank the waiter.

Informative and fun

In the first place among Singaporean entertainment, the Universal Studios park on Sentosa Island invariably turns out to be, where even adults become children for several hours. Fans of flora are recommended to visit exotic futuristic gardens, where more than 200 thousand different plants grow.

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