Where is the best place to relax in Singapore. Where to go in Singapore?

Where to relax in Singapore

Where to relax in Singapore

Exotic Singapore has always attracted tourists, but has not become a particularly popular tourist destination. People come here for revived legends and numerous miracles, a dizzying mix of religions and cultures. But where is the best place to relax in Singapore?


You should not be limited only to swimming, choosing this city for your vacation. You should definitely take a walk in Chinatown - Chinatown. Here you can admire numerous temples decorated with decorative terraces. Plus, in Chinatown, you can have a great time shopping. In this area you can find not only modern shopping centers, but also small shops, decorated in the old style. Gorgeous jade wares, porcelain knick-knacks, waxed umbrellas and more are available from the helpful vendors. And then, on a cold winter evening, these cute exotic souvenirs will become a reminder of a fabulous Singapore vacation..

Muslim Quarter and Little India

Do not deny yourself this pleasure either. This place is «textile» the center of Singapore. Here you can buy sarongs, silk of absolutely incredible quality and, of course, Indonesian batik. Not far from the wonders of the Muslim Quarter, countless stalls of traditional Indian food vendors can be found. This is Little India, the most beautiful part of Singapore..

Sentosa Island

Where is the best place to relax in Singapore for those who like to bask in the sun? On Sentosa Island, of course. There are magnificent beaches surrounded by green parks. On weekdays, there are not too many people here, so the hustle and bustle will not interfere.

But in Singapore there is an opportunity to swim and sunbathe without leaving the city. There are many water parks in the city offering their visitors huge pools filled with sea water. Adventure CoveWaterpark has taken it a step further by adding real fish and coral to its pool. Therefore, visitors, diving to the bottom, find themselves in the almost real underwater world of the ocean..

Orchard Road and Jurong Town

This area is a godsend for those who simply cannot imagine their vacation without visiting restaurants, bars, nightclubs. If not all of the city's night-time party-goers gather here, then certainly most. The most luxurious shopping centers are waiting for their visitors here. Therefore, shopping lovers should definitely visit this area..

A walk in Jurong Town will certainly end with a visit to Villa Hau Par. This is a magnificent park area where you can observe the life of animals. Also, do not deny yourself another pleasure: a walk in the Jurong Bird park, as well as a visit to the Singapore Discovery Center.

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