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Education in Slovakia

Education in Slovakia

Slovakia is famous not only for its clean air, excellent ecology, mountains, lakes and forests, but also for its high quality education. Getting an education in Slovakia has the following advantages:

  • The opportunity to get paid and free education;
  • Affordable tuition fees and a wide range of demanded and prestigious specialties (law, mass media, economics, IT);
  • The teaching staff consists exclusively of highly qualified personnel;
  • Upon admission to a Slovak university, students receive a residence permit;
  • Opportunity to complete a paid internship while studying.

Higher education in Slovakia

To enter a Slovak university, future applicants will have to unlearn at the preparatory department at the university in order to master the Slovak language and prepare for specialized exams.

As a rule, entrance exams are required for admission, but in some educational institutions there is a competition for school certificates. And upon admission to creative specialties, future applicants will be asked to participate in a creative competition.

After graduating from the first stage of study, students receive a bachelor's degree. After studying at the second stage, the student is awarded a degree “master”, “engineer” or “M.D.”, and at the end of the third stage, the student receives a doctorate.

Important: after “overcoming” each level, students must submit new applications to be enrolled in another level of study.

Slovakia has state, public and private higher education institutions. At the service of students - traditional and technological universities, institutes of arts and music, economic universities. In addition, the country has 1 medical and 1 agricultural university, 2 military academies and 1 police academy..

Learning the Slovak language

Since education in universities is carried out in the Slovak language, it is advisable to enroll in language courses at a university or in a private school. The duration of training depends on the chosen program, depending on the urgency and the required level. But the standard schedule for learning the Slovak language is as follows: 2 lessons twice a week.

Work while studying

During training, students have the right to earn extra money 4 hours a day.

Getting an education in Slovakia means getting a European-style diploma and a chance to find a job in any country of the European Union.

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