Taxi in Slovakia - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Slovakia

Taxi in Slovakia

Taxi in Slovakia

Taxi in Slovakia, like in other countries, has its own characteristics. Therefore, going to this country, you must definitely find out how the services of taxi companies are characterized..

Features of the Slovak taxi

There are dozens of different companies operating in Slovakia that provide taxi services to the local population and visitors. Companies are licensed and operate legally. Private taxi drivers, who also have a license to carry out activities for the transportation of passengers, do not belong to the number of official firms. Private taxi drivers on the roof of their car put special «checkers» with an inscription «Taxi».

Official companies indicate the name of the company on one of the doors of the car. Using the services of an official company is safer than using a private taxi. Private traders usually tell their passengers a price that is much higher than what can be paid using the services of an official taxi. If you do not know the Slovak language, then you simply cannot communicate with the taxi driver, so you will need to pay the amount that he asks for. All companies work at approximately the same tariffs.

If you want to call by phone, you can use these numbers: Fun Taxi 16777 or +421216777; Hello Taxi 16321 or +421216321; Profi Taxi 16222 or +421216222; Trend Taxi 16302 or +421216302; MB Taxi 16916 or +421216916, +421905916916.

Payment for services

Basically, taxis are equipped with meters, which indicate two numbers: this is the tariff and the total cost of the trip. Some companies offer customers to take advantage of the minimum fare, which is 3-4 euros per trip. It is customary for taxi drivers to leave a tip, about 10% of the trip amount. In general, it is a personal matter for everyone, how much to leave and whether to leave at all. Sometimes taxi drivers in Slovakia accept the currency of other countries as payment, but the exchange rate will not be very favorable for visitors, take this fact into account.

After each trip, the taxi driver is obliged to give you a check, which will indicate the cost of the trip. The check must be stamped by the shipping company. The check can be printed or handwritten, but the seal must be required.

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