Features of Sweden - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Sweden

Features of Sweden

Sweden is a multifaceted European country. National characteristics of Sweden can pleasantly surprise every tourist who comes here.

Nuances of national character

  • Every Swede has a strong sense of national identity, which is why they do not like comparisons with their Scandinavian neighbors. Most locals have patience with expats who take jobs and are also successful.
  • At the very beginning of their acquaintance, the Swedes may seem withdrawn and even cold, but in reality this opinion turns out to be erroneous. The fact is that many people are melancholic, introverted, but they can still change their inner state and open up. When a good relationship is established, warmth and hospitality are manifested in communication. Try not to force things if you want to become a true friend of the Swede.
  • The Swedes mentality includes a tendency to compromise. Try to avoid pressure that can lead to a serious conflict. Patience and compromise will ensure a relationship of trust.
  • The Swedes are distinguished by their boundless love for nature. This is not surprising, since most of the country's territory is covered with forests. Many people pick mushrooms, berries, while enjoying picnics.
  • The Swedes are distinguished by their special hospitality. Be prepared to come and go on time. Sometimes they clearly indicate the time of the meeting.
  • Swedes strive not to be indebted to others. In this regard, recipients and donors select gifts for each other that are similar in value..

Features of business culture

Business culture is based on the self-realization of each person, a special atmosphere of equality. Each employee of the company has the right to self-improvement and professional development. Despite the surprisingly broad prospects in Sweden, the locals are eager to learn and are willing to retrain in order to increase their professional skills..

Industrial production involves caring for the environment, the desire to reduce waste. In this regard, engineers strive to use materials, recycled materials in the right way and do everything possible to preserve nature..

Sweden is a worthy country for tourism and living!


  • Features of Sweden
  • Features of Sweden
  • Features of Sweden