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Switzerland Outlets

Switzerland Outlets

In addition to the traditional set of Swiss souvenirs, including Victorinox knives, Emmentaler cheese and the famous Lindt chocolate, expensive watches, shoes and clothes of the world's most famous designers are brought from the mountainous country. Buying all this in Swiss outlets, the traveler saves significantly, because discounts in them can be up to two-thirds of the original cost of the item.

Useful little things

  • In normal times, discounts in most Swiss outlets are about a third of the starting price. Some brands sell for half the price, and on some of the goods, price tags "70% off" flaunt at all. As a rule, the largest discount is offered for not very popular sizes or not very popular models..
  • Outlet sales start after New Years and last until the end of February. The second wave of especially profitable shopping hits the country in July and this period lasts until September 1. In such months, sometimes even a third of the price declared by the manufacturer does not remain..

How to get there?

Swiss outlets located in the suburbs of Zurich or Lausanne are available for buyers who choose rented cars (more expensive, but undoubtedly more convenient) or public transport as a means of transportation. If you prefer the second option, do not forget about purchasing an additional suburban train ticket to the Zurich travel pass. Failure to provide such a travel document can result in a serious fine..

Mushroom places

The most important and largest outlet in Switzerland is Fox Town near Lugano. Here you can find products of all famous world designers - from Armani to Cerutti and from Dior to Gucci. On normal days, the outlet offers 30 percent discounts on most of its product range, although some purchases can be made for as little as a quarter of the original price shown on the label. Usually such a discount is offered on not the most popular models or sizes..
The easiest way to get to Fox Town is by commuter train from Lugano to Mendrisio, which leaves every half hour. From the station you have to walk a little to the outlet itself..
The youth range of clothing and footwear is widely represented at the King-Kong marketplace in Dietlikon. You can get to this suburb of Zurich by bus from the terminus of tram 7. Here is the Globus outlet, in the sales areas of which you can find excellent clothes and footwear of high-quality brands Esprit, Calvin Klein, Pepe Jeans
and others like them.


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