Taxi in Pattaya - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Pattaya

Taxi in Pattaya

Taxi in Pattaya

Taxi in Pattaya is a safer, but also expensive form of transport: for sightseeing in the company of 3-4 people, a taxi is the best option for getting around.

Features of ordering a taxi in Pattaya

To call a taxi in Pattaya, you may need the numbers of well-known companies:

  • ImageLimousine: + (66 38) 251-755;
  • PattayaTaxiService: + (66081) 831-56-71;
  • P.TTaxiService: + (66 38) 724-199.

Another option for calling a taxi is to contact the taxi stand employees. In this case, you will have to leave a deposit, after which you will be given a sheet with information on the cost of travel, as well as where and where you will go from..

Taxi drivers prefer to call a fixed fare (it will definitely be overstated) rather than a meter. If you sit in a taxi on the street, in order to reduce the cost of travel, you can demonstrate to the taxi driver how much money you have for travel (this will show that you do not have more money). Perhaps due to a lot of competition, a Thai driver will agree to this amount. In addition, you can bargain with the taxi driver so that he lowers the price or offer him to turn on the meter after all - if he does not want to do this, you can go out to use the services of another taxi. But if you are poorly guided and have no idea about the route you are following, forcing the driver to turn on the meter is not a good idea: he can wind it up, driving along unnecessary streets (in this case, it is appropriate to discuss the fare in advance).

Moto taxi in Pattaya

If you don't have heavy luggage, you can take exotic transport like a motorcycle taxi - it's cheap and convenient. Finding such taxis is not difficult - their owners wait for customers at shopping centers, beaches and other places where you can meet many tourists.

In addition, a motorcycle taxi can be stopped on the street by raising your hand (you will pay 2-3 less for the journey than if you had used the services of a regular taxi).

Taxi cost in Pattaya

Thinking about how much a taxi costs in Pattaya? The following pricing information is for official taxis with a sign “Taxi-meter”:

  • the average cost of travel in the city is 100-150 baht (for example, a trip to the airport will cost at least 600-700 baht);
  • prices for travel outside the city limits start from 500 baht (for example, to get to Bangkok, the driver will ask you to pay about 1,100 baht);
  • boarding cost starts from 35 baht;
  • each km of the journey costs about 2 baht.

It should be noted that a trip on the same route at different times will cost differently - at night the rates increase almost 2 times.

Guests of Pattaya will have no problems hiring a taxi: they have cars of different classes at their service, as well as traditional and VIP-meetings (you will be met right at the plane's ramp).

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