Culture of Thailand: traditions, features

Culture of thailand

Culture of thailand

One of the most "mastered" by tourists in Southeast Asia, Thailand has an ancient culture, which is based on religion and royal traditions, an agricultural bias of the economy and favorable climatic conditions. In other words, the culture of Thailand was formed under the influence of various factors, and today the national traditions and characteristics of the kingdom are no less important reason for such a tourist boom than the sea and luxurious beaches..

King and Buddha

For Thais, everything related to the traditions of the royal dynasty and Buddhist teachings are equally important. The royal family in Thailand is so revered and respected that the inhabitants of the country do not always distinguish between the laws of the state and religious postulates, in the sense that both are holy.
The king is the patron saint of all religious movements, he does not deal with political issues and only has the right to intervene in any situation that threatens to turn into bloodshed. Kings in Thailand are distinguished by a special level of culture and have the best education. They make a great contribution to the formation of cultural customs. For example, King Rama II translated the Indian epic "Ramayana" into the language of Siam and now the Thais have a book "Ramakien".
Buddhism is the dominant religion in the kingdom and it was at the Buddhist monasteries that the entire cultural life was always concentrated. Crafts flourished here, children learned to read and write, and the monasteries themselves often became unique objects of Thai architecture. We can say that the culture of Thailand originated in monasteries and temples. Common in the kingdom and sculpture, which is abundantly decorated with religious buildings.

Temples as a mirror of culture

The architectural structures of Thailand are also an integral part of the country's cultural heritage. A particularly striking example of such construction is in the capital. This is a complex of the Great Royal Palace, where, in addition to the personal chambers of the reigning emperor and his family, there are buildings that are allowed to be visited by tourists..
The Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha are real pearls of Thai architecture, where you can see the shrines of the Buddhist religion.

Land of smiles

The culture of Thailand is also the character of its inhabitants, who can be called hospitable, cordial and positive people. They steadfastly endure all hardships and difficulties, and their faces are adorned with smiles, regardless of the situation and mood..


  • Culture of thailand
  • Culture of thailand