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Education in Thailand

Education in Thailand

Thailand is famous for its amazing nature, gorgeous beaches, exotic cuisine, Buddhist temples. In addition, you can get a good education here..

What are the benefits of getting an education in Thailand?

  • Affordable tuition fees;
  • The ability to perfectly master the English language;
  • Thai diploma - international diploma.

Higher education in Thailand

To enroll in a Thai university, you need to have a high school diploma (a good mark must be given in English).

You can get higher education in vocational schools and universities. You can go to Assumption University of Thailand and study the most innovative specialty - “PR, advertising and new media”. The language of instruction is English, but Thai language and culture are among the compulsory subjects. As a rule, the university makes up the schedule for 1 semester, and then students themselves choose which subjects to study..

Language classes

Signing up for a language course in Thailand is not only a great opportunity to learn English (study programs have different levels - from basic to the highest), but also to get a student visa.

Language teachers are native speakers (English, Canadians, Americans).

Language courses offer an intensive course for students and prepare for the TOEFL test. For example, you can contact the EverClever General Education Center or Language School..

The program of language courses, as a rule, includes not only mastering the language, but also visiting various excursions (excursion to the Royal Palace, excursion along the Chaopraya River and the Bangkok canals on Thai boats, watching films in English in 3D or 4D cinemas in Bangkok, visiting temple Wat Arun).

Massage schools

You can master the art of Thai massage in special schools, for example, at the Wat Po school: here they will teach you how to treat various diseases by influencing certain energy points (in order to tune in to the right wave, students meditate and sing mantra songs before starting classes).

Important: Foreigners and Thais study separately from each other, but they meet in practical classes to train on each other.

At the end of their studies, students are issued a certificate, but for this they will have to pass an exam in theory and practice.

Having received an education in Thailand, you will have high chances of getting a job as soon as possible.!

Photos of educational institutions in Thailand

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