Holidays in Thailand in June: prices and weather. Where to relax in Thailand in June

Holidays in Thailand in June

Holidays in Thailand in June

June in Thailand is a low season. So what weather conditions are set for this month?

The amount of precipitation increases, but it rains in the evenings and nights. Due to the fact that the monsoons are beginning to enter into legal rights, you need to take care of protection from rain, namely a plastic cape, an umbrella. There is no need to count on prolonged rains. It should be noted that the largest amount of precipitation falls on Phuket and Krabi, where there can be 17 - 18 rainy days. Pattaya may have 11 rainy days, Bangkok 6 days.

During the day, the air warms up to + 30C, and in the evening it cools down to + 24 ... 25C in Phuket, Krabi. In Bangkok and Pattaya, the temperature per day ranges from + 26 ... 32C.

Holidays and festivals in Thailand in June

Do you want to enjoy cultural activities? Holidays in Thailand in June will be truly interesting for you! So, what holidays and festivals can you count on??

  • On the second day, it is customary to hold the Pineapple Festival in Lampang, because it is this fruit that is appreciated by the people of Thailand. The fair lasts three days. At this time, you can witness the performances of musical groups, attend practical seminars and exhibitions, see a beauty contest.
  • June is the festival of Phi Ta Khon, which is held in Loei province. It is important to consider that this festival, which contributes to the spiritual enlightenment of people, is sometimes postponed to July. The fact is that the specific date is set by the spirits with whom the mediums are in contact. The festival is based on a colorful procession, for which people tend to dress up in unusual costumes..
  • June may be Visakha Puja. The date of this celebration is rolling, but Visakha Puja is always celebrated on the 15th day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar. In the morning, people spend time near the temples and read sermons, and in the evening it is customary to hold a candle ceremony around the main chapel of the city..

On June 26, it is customary to celebrate the Day of Remembrance of the poet Sunthon Phu in Rayong. The main events are held in the park of the same name, located in Klaeng County.

Thailand travel prices in June

With June being a low season, Thailand is seeing a decline in accommodation rates, and airlines are also lowering fares. Achieve pleasant savings and enjoy your trip!

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  • Holidays in Thailand in June
  • Holidays in Thailand in June