Holidays in Tunisia in February: prices and weather. Where to relax in Tunisia in February

Holidays in Tunisia in February

Holidays in Tunisia in February

In February, the weather is pleasant in Tunisia, but at the same time, staying on the beaches does not bring the pleasure that we would like. In February it gets cooler by 1-2 degrees compared to January. In addition, the amount of precipitation is slightly reduced. For example, in the Atlas Mountains there are only eight rainy days a month, while on the east coast - about six, on the Djerba Peninsula - only four. The temperature rises gradually.

Weather in Tunisia in February

The highest temperature marks are recorded in the southern part of Tunisia. For example, in Gabes it can be + 10-18C. In 2014, + 23C was noted, which is the maximum in the history of meteorological observations. It is dry in Fum-Tatavin, but at the same time a couple of degrees cooler. On Djerba, the temperature ranges from + 13C to + 18C, and on the best days it reaches + 20C.

In the east of Tunisia, in Hammamet and Sousse, it is cold at night, because the temperature is only + 6-7C, but by lunchtime it warms up to + 16-17C. In Port el-Kantaoui, a suburb of Sousse, it is slightly warmer in the evening, namely + 9-10C.

The approach of spring in Tunisia is accompanied by amazing aromas, the appearance of beautiful flowers and green grass. Nature begins to acquire bright colors and very soon beach holidays will be possible again..

What to do in Tunisia in February

February is not a very popular month for holidays in Tunisia, so a tourist voucher can be bought at a reasonable price. The fact is that in February there is no opportunity to enjoy being on gorgeous beaches and attend a large-scale festival. However, if you are comfortable with a relaxing getaway, Tunisia is still ready to meet..

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to enjoy wonderful excursion programs. You can visit the ancient city of Carthage, which is a suburb of the capital of Tunisia. Tourists are also waiting for Kairouan, the fourth holy Islamic city included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Among the sights it is necessary to note the Roman ruins of Duggi, the streets of the medines of Sousse and Tunis, the necropolis of Kerkouana, Bizerte. Each excursion destination allows you to learn a new and amazing culture.

While on vacation in Tunisia in February, you can visit the International Instrumental Festival, which lasts a week. Take your chance to see the best orchestras and ensembles perform to discover wonderful music.

Travel to Tunisia in February will be special, it will surely delight you!

Photos of rest in Tunisia

  • Holidays in Tunisia in February
  • Holidays in Tunisia in February