Resorts of Turkey: photos, description

Resorts of Turkey

Resorts of Turkey

"All-Russian health resort" is a completely serious definition of Turkey in the modern tourist market. Warm and hospitable, she became the first love for many thousands of happy owners of brand new passports. Seasoned travelers, with equal frequency and lust, glance at the resorts of Turkey, where serenity and comfort are available for everyone..

Undoubted advantages

For a Russian traveler, Turkish resorts are attractive for several reasons at once:

  • Not too long flight from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities located on the territory of the European part of the country.
  • Nice prices for tours and comfortable hotels, working on the principle of "all inclusive".
  • A variety of excursions and many world-class attractions to help diversify your beach holiday.

The main resorts of Turkey are well known to Russian travelers:

  • Alanya is located just an hour and a half from Antalya airport and its beaches are covered with fine, clean sand. In combination with affordable prices, these advantages make Alanya ideal for families with children..
  • Noisy Antalya is more suitable for youth companies and active tourists.
  • The clean beaches of Belek have won Blue Flags more than once, but the prices for vacations in this resort in Turkey are much higher than in previous ones. Lovers of golf, horse riding and other elite pleasures come here..
  • Pebbles on the beaches and an active nightlife make Belek not very suitable for families with children. But young people actively strive here - the resort has something to do in any weather and time of day.
  • Divers and yachtsmen prefer to relax in Marmaris. For those and others, ideal conditions have been created here for doing what they love..

Four seasons

But the resort Turkey is not living by the beaches alone! For those who consider winter sports to be the best recreation, and are not used to overpaying just for the name, the Turkish slopes are perfect. The local tracks are only gaining momentum, but are no longer inferior in quality to the famous Austrian or Italian.
Palandoken is the main ski resort in Turkey and its 40 km of slopes meet the needs of athletes of all levels. The services of an instructor for a beginner will be much cheaper here than on the famous European slopes, and a couple of local "black" slopes can satisfy the ambitions of even the most advanced ski guru.


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