Trip to Turkey

Trip to Turkey

Trip to Turkey

A trip to Turkey will turn into an unforgettable adventure if you not only sit in a hotel or sunbathe, but also decide to explore the country. Fortunately, Turkish transport allows you to move around the country without any fear..

Turkish taxi

Taxis are especially popular in Turkey, as there are taxi ranks all over the place. Cars of bright yellow color run in the stream of other vehicles around the clock. At the same time, taxi services, when compared with other countries, are quite affordable..

When getting into a taxi, make sure that the meter is on and the light near the night button is off. Night trips in Turkey are much more expensive. By the way, the night rate is valid only from midnight to 6 am.

Bus service

The most inconvenient way to travel in Turkey. Buses are always crowded, not just during rush hour. It is rather problematic for a foreigner to figure out what the bus route is..

Buses are divided into two categories:

  •  municipal;
  • private.

Public transport can be distinguished by its green or red color. Private traders are colored blue or orange. In addition, the ride on them is more convenient. The price of the trip is almost the same, only a ticket for a public bus is bought at the final station of the route, and in private cars - from the driver.

Travel between cities can also be done by a modern bus. This will be really convenient. The salon is equipped with air conditioning, which, given the country's climate, is very welcome. During the trip, you will be served by two stewards who will offer refreshing drinks. All the fun costs $ 10.

Metro in Turkey

Istanbul Metro is three non-intersecting underground lines.
The shortest line - Tunel - includes only 2 stops. It was discovered a long time ago, back in 1875.

From the terminal station, you will climb to Taksim Square. From here it is very convenient to get to the new business districts located in the northern part of the capital..

Another branch with a strange name "Light Metro" is open only from 6 am to midnight.


Trams and subways complement each other perfectly. For example, pay the fare with the same tokens.

In the old part of Istanbul, you can ride the high-speed tram and reach the historical sites of the city directly. Outwardly, it practically does not differ from the "light metro". Boarding the carriages is carried out through the turnstiles. Payment - Classic Tokens.

Railroad trains

Turkey's rail service is far from ideal. First of all, you can get to a rather small number of cities by rail. Second, this type of transport is very slow..

Trains are made up of three types of carriages:

  • sleeping;
  • couch;
  • dining car.

Moreover, not all of them are equipped with air conditioning. True, the prices are relatively low, and in certain situations a discount is provided, in particular, if tickets are purchased immediately and there and back. Children under 7 years old are given the opportunity to travel free of charge.


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