Streets of Dubai - photo, name. List of famous streets in Dubai

Streets of Dubai

Streets of Dubai

Dubai is considered one of the brightest cities in the UAE. It is the largest settlement on the Persian Gulf coast and the center of the Emirate of Dubai. In terms of the pace of development, it is not inferior to Shanghai, Hong Kong and other famous cities. The streets of Dubai have official and vernacular names. Locals are guided by popular sites: shopping centers, bazaars, hotels, banks. Small streets are numbered and have no names.

Bur Dubai

The modern area of ​​the city, which has preserved historical sights. Business and financial activity is concentrated in it. Its streets are full of architectural masterpieces, museums, skyscrapers and popular shopping centers.


Deira is the financial center of the city. This is an area with lively trade. Its streets are closely intertwined. There are a lot of shops and shops here that seem to be the same. It is easy to get lost in Deira, but the tourist has nothing to fear. City markets and other areas are considered completely safe. The oldest shopping area in Deira is the Murshid Souk market. It is followed by markets for spices, gold, incense, etc. Each of the markets consists of many shops.

While in Deira, walk along Al Rigga Street. This is a boulevard that stretches for 2 km. It houses popular eateries, restaurants and boutiques. All Rigga Road establishments are open until midnight. From the boulevard you can get to the square with a roundabout - with a roundabout. There is a picturesque clock tower on the square.

Sheikh Zayed Highway

In Dubai, this highway is the longest and most important. Its length is 55 km. It continues the largest freeway in the UAE. The red metro line runs parallel to the highway. The road has 12 lanes, but even on it there are traffic jams. Attractions along the famous highway: shopping malls, Chelsea and Millennium Towers, chic restaurants and hotels.


The coastal region of Jumeirah is very densely populated. It stretches along magnificent beaches. Jumeirah Beach is famous for its expensive boutiques and hotels. The area of ​​the district is 6.9 square kilometers. This is the most prestigious part of Dubai. In the last century, local traders, fishermen and foreigners lived here. Today the area amazes with its developed infrastructure and beautiful architecture..

Dubai Marina

The trendy area - Dubai Marina - is located in the center of the new city. Marina denotes a bay that was created artificially. Elite villas are located around the bay. Construction in the area is ongoing. The creators anticipate that Dubai Marina will become the city center, which is an exclusive project. The coastal development of the area has no analogues.

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  • Streets of Dubai
  • Streets of Dubai