Sharjah beaches: photo, video. The best sandy beaches of Sharjah (UAE)

Sharjah beaches

Sharjah beaches

Not everyone can afford a vacation in the Emirates. You have to pay good money for a high level of service, immaculate beaches and a beautiful landscape. Be that as it may, Sharjah's beaches are in great demand among both foreign tourists and permanent residents. This is explained by the fact that the city itself is very popular, as it is the capital of the emirate. The city's population is 350 thousand inhabitants, and the constant flow of tourists makes one think that there are at least twice as many local residents here. Sharjah residents bypass the most popular tourist destinations on the tenth road.

A resort for everyone

Despite the fact that Sharjah is a large city, the owner of a wallet of various thicknesses can find a suitable hotel here. It is not necessary to book a room in a five-star hotel in order to experience all the subtleties of the highest quality service, since the employees of all hotels here are very diligent. It is also noteworthy that vacationers leave a decent amount of hard-earned money in the local eastern markets, which, moreover, are the largest in the world. Fish lovers will also find something to profit from: the largest fish market in the UAE is located in Sharjah. Sharjah is considered the cultural capital of the Arab world, so visitors can visit a huge number of colorful events.
In addition to them, in the capital you can also see:

  • numerous museums and galleries;
  • art exhibitions by oriental masters;
  • magnificent mosques and palaces;
  • beautiful parks with exotic plants;
  • old houses with a fascinating history and coral exhibitions.

Rigor and quality

The best sandy beaches of Sharjah are distinguished by their severity and high quality service for vacationers. For example, it is indecent to sunbathe topless here, even if you think it is acceptable: local residents are offended by it. You cannot do it on the territory of private hotels. You should also take into account that swimming is allowed only on the territory of private hotels and beaches. It is not customary to drink alcohol here regardless of the territory, there is even nowhere to buy it.

The city derives its main income from the tourism business, as well as from the oil and gas processing industry. There are not very many tourists here, mainly due to the high prices and the strictness of receiving guests from other countries. However, most of the hotels have a very convenient location near the city center, so vacationers can not only enjoy the sea, but also visit fairs, conferences and cultural excursions. The Gold Souk is very popular with tourists, and many visitors also visit the local museum of archeology..

Photos of Sharjah beaches

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  • Sharjah beaches
  • Sharjah beaches