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UAE traditions

UAE traditions

A cup of strong coffee, the aroma of which is subtly accentuated by spicy cardamom, is the first thing that meets a guest in any Arab home. The most important traditions of the UAE are hospitality, cordiality and care for everyone who crosses the threshold. Tours to Dubai and other emirates are becoming more and more popular with Russian travelers every year, and therefore acquaintance with the customs and peculiarities of the life and life of the Arabs will help to spend a vacation in a comfortable and exciting way..

Muslim customs

The country lives according to the rules strictly prescribed by the laws of Islam. The call to pray gathers the faithful in mosques five times a day, and at this time life in the country stops for a short while. Tourists should also respect the laws and traditions of the UAE:

  • It is not customary to interfere with worshipers, enter the mosque in improper clothing, or take photographs of believers. By the way, Islam prohibits photographing people, and therefore it is important to make sure that residents of the UAE do not get into the viewfinder of your camera. Taking pictures of military objects and policemen is prohibited by the laws of the country..
  • When communicating with the inhabitants of the country, one should not ask questions about the female half of the family. The traditions of the UAE are a respectful and respectful attitude towards a woman, and therefore any comments on her account are unacceptable. When greeting a lady, you should not be the first to shake hands with her. If she deems it necessary, she will do it herself.
  • The beaches of Dubai and other resorts in the United Arab Emirates are a real paradise for fans of perfect tanning. However, the laws of the country prohibit being on them topless and wearing bathing suits anywhere other than the coastal strip..
  • Alcohol should not be consumed in public places, and during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, you should not even drink water or eat in front of local residents.
  • Once invited to the house of the Arabs, you should take off your shoes and take a cup of coffee from the owner's hands. Saying goodbye and greeting, the Arabs shake hands. Drinks and any items in accordance with Arab traditions are taken and passed only with the right hand.

Two passions

The most important entertainment for the inhabitants of the country is camel racing and falconry. According to the UAE tradition, even sheikhs are present at these competitions, and the winners receive substantial prizes. For those interested in hunting birds, there is a center in Al Markad near Dubai where falcons are bred and sold. Tourists will be interested in a museum dedicated to hunting.


  • UAE traditions
  • UAE traditions
  • UAE traditions