Capital of Great Britain: map, photo. What is the capital city in the UK?

London - Capital of the UK

London - Capital of the UK

The capital of Great Britain, London is a truly amazing place. Double-decker buses run on the streets here, and if you wish, you can plunge into history and take a taxi cab ride. But the conservative city, with the world's oldest metro and bobby cops in unchanged helmets, can be a lot of fun. Legends are already being formed about the nightlife of the capital, and the parties taking place in the local clubs have received the status of the most reckless in the whole «old lady» Europe.

Big Ben

It was he who, probably, became the most recognizable symbol of the capital. The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster always shows the exact time from the last day of May in the month of 1859. The striking of the clock is so loud that it can be heard in all parts of London.

Hyde Park

Central London Park is also a favorite vacation spot for both visitors and indigenous people of the city. Hyde Park was once the site of the royal hunt. But over time, the trees thinned, and it became just a parkland..

There is Lake Serpantine on the territory, where you can not only swim on a hot afternoon, but also go sailing if you wish. You can also visit the art gallery, see the Elven Oak, the trunk of which is decorated with numerous fairy-tale drawings, and also look into the Wellington Museum.

Tower Bridge

The drawbridge was opened back in 1894. Its special design allows pedestrians to walk on it, even when it is in a divorced state. To do this, you need to climb the stairs to the towers and cross a special corridor connecting parts of the bridge.

Tower Bridge is also a very interesting museum. At 42 meters above the surface of the Thames, the promenade gallery is worth exploring. By the way, the windows offer absolutely stunning views of modern London.

Castle Tower

The darkest and most popular tourist attraction in the capital is the Tower, the world famous London prison. Nobody knows how many innocent souls were destroyed in these ominous walls. The Tower finished its bloody history during the Second World War. Now it is a completely peaceful structure, where the armory, a museum exhibition and a library are located..

Madame Tussauds museum

The Wax Museum, which would be an absolutely unforgivable mistake not to visit. Here you will meet all the world's celebrities. A person who comes here for the first time experiences a real shock from how realistic the museum exhibits are. Would you like a photo with J. Law or Margaret Thatcher? Please remember to put your camera in your purse before visiting..

Greenwich observatory

It is through the village of Greenwich that the so-called zero meridian passes. In addition, from the observation deck of the observatory, you can admire the city.


  • London - Capital of the UK
  • London - Capital of the UK
  • London - Capital of the UK