Population of Ukraine. Population in Ukraine: features, density, composition

Population of Ukraine

Population of Ukraine

The population in Ukraine is more than 48 million people (77 people live per 1 km2).
If we consider the population density by regions, then about 172 people live per 1 km2 in Donetsk region, Lviv region - 117 people, Dnipropetrovsk region - 107 people, Zhytomyr region - 44 people.
National composition:

  • Ukrainians (78%);
  • Russians (17%);
  • Belarusians (0.6%);
  • Moldovans (0.5%);
  •  other nations (3.9%).

Ukraine is inhabited by mono-ethnic Ukrainians (62%), bi-ethnic Russian-Ukrainians (23%), mono-ethnic Russians (10%) and other ethnic groups (5%).
Major cities of Ukraine - Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Donetsk.
The state language is Ukrainian.
The inhabitants of Ukraine mainly profess Orthodox Christianity (76% of the population). In addition, confessions such as Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism, Judaism are widespread..

Life span

The male population lives on average 62, and the female population - 74 years..
It is worth noting that residents of Kiev live on average 72 years, while in Donetsk and Odessa - no more than 68 years. People in the regions live less because of the development of industry, its mining and processing sectors.
The low standard of living is affected by excessive smoking (Ukrainians smoke 12 times more than Norwegians), alcohol abuse (Ukraine is considered one of the most drinking countries in the world) and obesity (unhealthy diet, low physical activity).

Traditions and customs of Ukrainians

Ukrainians attach great importance to signs. For example, pregnant women should not have their hair cut, meet sick people, look at snakes, or buy something for their unborn child. In addition, pregnancy is hidden to the last - Ukrainians are sure: the fewer people know about it, the better..
Ukrainian wedding traditions are interesting. To ask a girl's hand, the groom must take her, i.e. send elderly matchmakers to her. After the proposal, the girl must give an answer: in case of consent, she must take out a towel embroidered with her own hands, and in case of refusal, a pumpkin.
Many traditions in Ukraine are still alive today: for example, on July 7, during the celebration of the old holiday of Ivan Kupala, you can watch how girls weave wreaths, put them into the water and lead round dances, and the guys jump over fires and look for blooming fern.
According to legend, on the night of July 7, magical plants bloom, which must be collected in time. In addition, it is customary to wash with Kupala dew (it has healing power).
Ukrainians are cheerful, hardworking, they are proud of their historical past and honor traditions.


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