Tourism in Uzbekistan - development, photo

Tourism in Uzbekistan

Tourism in Uzbekistan

The legendary Silk Road passed through the territories of modern Uzbekistan, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva have preserved ancient architectural monuments and the magical charm of the ancient East. It is these places, the pride and glory of the country, that can become the main attractions attractive to guests from abroad..

Tourism in Uzbekistan is still a relatively new direction in the country's economy. Perhaps, with the right policy in this area, the creation of a developed infrastructure, the development of interesting excursion routes and transport links, the country will make tourists talk about itself. In the future, it may well compete with other Asian powers, offering its own routes and unique stay programs..

Mindfulness won't hurt

Choosing Uzbekistan for travel, you should be extremely careful about drinking water and consumed products. Tap water is a taboo for an inexperienced gentle tourist, only bottled or boiled. Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly, peel, eat meat only after serious heat treatment.

Considering the inconceivably high temperatures in the summer, care should be taken to purchase an appropriate wardrobe (despite the fact that the nights are quite cool). Sunscreens and sprays, insect repellents should also be in the baggage of the tourist.

Like at home

Unfortunately, this definition does not quite apply to hotels in Uzbekistan. Most of the hotels are from Soviet times and are in need of renovation. Although recently there have appeared private hotels and boarding houses, the level of which meets the European level. A tourist in Uzbekistan should be ready for interruptions in hot water, there are no problems with it in large cities and expensive hotels. Private guesthouses try to meet the needs of tourists for hot water using boilers.

Uzbek pilaf

Delicious, aromatic, incomparable and delicious - suitable epithets for the crown Uzbek dish, which has become a symbol and brand of the country. The cooking process itself is beautiful, it is like magic - before the eyes of amazed tourists, a real culinary miracle is obtained from quite ordinary products..

The Uzbeks also have other national dishes that tourists also enjoy - lamb and exotic horse meat, vegetable soups, flat cakes and bread, dairy products. And, of course, a magic drink - tea, which is served everywhere and always.


  • Tourism in Uzbekistan
  • Tourism in Uzbekistan
  • Tourism in Uzbekistan