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Tours to Bukhara

Tours to Bukhara

Tours to Bukhara are a real gift for fans of ancient history. Archaeologists have discovered a twenty-meter cultural layer on the territory of the city, indicating that people settled here at least five hundred years before the onset of a new era. Uzbek Bukhara is one of the most ancient cities in the whole of Central Asia, and the history of its origin is accompanied by many mysterious legends..

Priceless treasures

On the territory of the ancient city, several architectural ensembles have been preserved, for the sake of which it is worth going on a tour to Bukhara. The most valuable, together with the central part of the city, are identified in the UNESCO World Heritage List:

  • The first mention of the Ark citadel dates back to the end of the 10th century. She served as the last stronghold of the emirs and was a symbol of inaccessibility and power. The whole city was located in a fortress, where they ruled and obeyed, weaved carpets and stored treasures, sewed clothes and forged swords. Ark is one of the most ancient structures in Bukhara.
  • The Samanid mausoleum has served since the 9th century as a burial vault for members of a powerful dynasty. Only in the 20th century was it found almost completely buried under the cultural layer of the following centuries. Today the mausoleum is one of the greatest pearls of Central Asian architects.
  • Four minarets of the Chor-Minor madrasah are a visiting card of the city and a landmark for the participants of the tour to Bukhara. The mosque of unusual architectural design at the madrasah is clearly visible from many points of the city. The architectural monument was built at the beginning of the 19th century.

In total, the attention of the participants of tours to Bukhara is offered at least forty architectural sights, each of which can decorate any album on the history of ancient architecture.

Briefly about the important

You can get to the ancient Uzbek city by direct flight from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The second option is a plane to Tashkent, and then a train to Bukhara.
Despite the southern latitudes, the continental desert climate guarantees quite cold weather in Bukhara in winter. During the day, the air temperature in January often drops to +3, and at night - even to -6. In summer, thermometers show +35 and +25, respectively. The best time for a tour to Bukhara is April or October.
The best place to buy famous Uzbek carpets is in the city markets. It is there that you can bargain and significantly reduce the price of the item you like, and the choice in the oriental bazaar is much richer than in stores..


  • Tours to Bukhara
  • Tours to Bukhara