Transport in the Vatican. Public transport in the Vatican - types, development

Transport in the Vatican

Transport in the Vatican

Given the size of the state, transport in the Vatican has a fairly developed transport system (it is common with Rome).

The main modes of transport in the Vatican are:

- Buses: get on the buses (they carry out both day and night flights) through the front door, and get off through the door located in the middle of the cabin (this rule applies regardless of the time of day).
The purchased ticket (you need to validate it yourself at the entrance) is valid not for 1 trip, but for a certain time (as a rule, 90 minutes). You won't be able to buy a ticket inside the bus - they are sold at special kiosks.
But if you wish, you can get a ticket, the validity of which is 1, 2 or more days.
- Trams: they are orange, and you need to pay for the fare using the same system as on buses (their timetables are the same, with the exception of night flights, which do not run trams).
- Rail transport: there is a railway on the territory of the state - it is the shortest in the world (these are two 300-meter lines passing within the Vatican itself). It should be noted that it runs from St. Peter's Square to the main railway network in Italy (mainly freight rather than passenger traffic is carried out along it).


There is no urgent need for taxi services in the Vatican, but if you wish, you can call it by phone (it is better to agree on the price in advance and do not forget about tips - they are welcome).

Car rent

To rent a car, you must have an IDL and a credit card.
In places where the sign "zona di silenzia" is installed, the signal of the car must not be used (the zone of silence is almost the entire territory of the Vatican).
Most of the streets of the Vatican have limited car travel, and it will be quite difficult to stay in the vicinity of St. Peter's Square due to the large congestion of vehicles, and parking here is quite expensive..
When planning to refuel, you should be aware that petrol stations close at lunchtime (siesta) and are closed on Sundays..
It should be borne in mind that for violation of traffic rules in the Vatican, severe penalties are provided. So, for example, for drunk driving you will not only be fined a substantial amount, but also imprisoned for a long time..
Despite the availability of vehicles, it is best to travel around the Vatican on foot to get a better view of all the local attractions.


  • Transport in the Vatican
  • Transport in the Vatican