Vietnamese cuisine: photos, dishes and recipes of national cuisine of Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine

Are you wondering how Vietnamese cuisine was formed? Then you should know that she was influenced by Indian, French, Chinese and other culinary traditions..

National cuisine of Vietnam

Dishes from rice, seafood (cuttlefish, snail, octopus), chicken, beef are widespread in Vietnamese cuisine, and delicious dishes are those made from the meat of rats, turtles, snakes (in the north of the country, soy, and in the south - fish sauce).

In the south of Vietnam they cook tom-yam soup, fried goat meat, shark fin soup; in the north - seasoned rice dishes, Pho soup, snail dishes; in the central part of Vietnam - dishes from fish, seafood, deer and turtle meat. It is worth noting the peculiarity of the preparation of Vietnamese dishes - they are not subjected to prolonged heat treatment..

Popular Vietnamese dishes:

  • soup “Pho” (main ingredients - chicken, rice noodles, aromatic herbs, herbs, wheat germ);
  • “Spring rolls” (this is a dish made from glass noodles and fried vegetables, which is wrapped in a rice flour pancake, but seafood or minced meat can be used as a filling);
  • “Banhcom” (dessert in the form of a sweet pie based on peas, rice and coconut flakes, which is wrapped in a banana leaf);
  • “Chao” (it is a thick rice porridge, in addition to which is most often finely chopped pieces of beef or chicken).
  • “Pomfred” (fried fish with sauces “nyok noam” and “tamarind” - vegetables and rice are usually served with it).

Where to taste the national cuisine?

In Hanoi it is worth stopping by a restaurant “Kiti restaurant” (lovers of Vietnamese cuisine will appreciate a wide range of authentic cuisine); in Ho Chi Minh City - in “Xu Restaurant Lounge” (ordering authentic dishes in this restaurant, you will be served exotic sauces that will give them a special piquancy); in Dalat - in “Long hoa” (order here shrimp or grilled pork, salad “Lotus flower”) or “An Lac 2” (a Vietnamese dish is served here - tofu soup); in Vung Tau - in “Phu Vinh” (it is recommended to try the fish in a clay pot - Ca Kho To).

Cooking classes in Vietnam

In Nha Trang, you will be offered a five-hour culinary course in a restaurant “Lantern”, where you will be taught how to cook spring rolls, Fish hot pot (a kind of fish roast) and a dessert of mango or banana in orange sauce with ice cream and rum. In Phan Thiet, you can sign up for a cooking lesson at “Mui ne cooking school”, during which you will cook Pho Bo soup, corn pancakes, salad with green mango, shrimp and pineapple.

If you are not indifferent to Vietnamese gastronomy, come here in the fall for the Culinary Festival, in January for the Coconut one (you will taste dishes based on coconuts and take part in various competitions), and in March for the Coffee Festival..


  • Vietnamese cuisine
  • Vietnamese cuisine
  • Vietnamese cuisine