North of Brazil - cities and resorts of the north of Brazil

North of Brazil

North of Brazil

The north of Brazil is the Amazon, which is considered one of the most underdeveloped regions in the country. The center of the state is the state of São Paulo, located in the southeast. Colonization of Brazil began in the northeastern region. The infrastructure there is not well developed, which affects the standard of living. Therefore, the local population (mainly mulattoes and blacks) is actively migrating to other areas. Northeast Brazil is a source of available labor for other areas of the country. The most important settlements and most of the inhabitants are concentrated on the east coast.

Characteristics of the northern part of the country

The Amazon or northern Brazil is the largest and most sparsely populated area. Its main advantage is vast lands, rich in forests, which are poorly exploited. There is a collection of medicinal plants, aromatic herbs, oil nuts, rubber plants, etc. Hunting and fishing are well developed in the Amazon..
In the north of the country, there are states such as Amapa, Acre, Para, Amazonas, Roraima, etc. The equatorial climate prevails there: hot weather and very high humidity all year round. From the equator on both sides stretches the state of Amazonas, known for its endless rainforests. Most of it is occupied by the swampy Amazonian lowland..
Approximately 70% of the usable area of ​​the northern region is located near the city of Belém. Rice, pepper, jute, etc. are grown there. Belen is one of the largest cities located near the equator and is considered the central point of the state of Pará. The attraction of this city is a section of rainforest within the village..
The largest state in Brazil is Amazonas. It covers an area of ​​over 1.5 million square meters. km. This state is a unique natural formation, which is sometimes referred to as Selvas. The capital of the state of Amazonas is Manaus, located at the point where the Rio Negru flows into the Amazon. The main cultural site of the city is the municipal theater, which is also a museum of European art.

Amazon Tourism

The northern states of the country are located in the Amazon, and this is the largest forest in the world. Therefore, the population density here is low: per 1 sq. km, there are only three people. Recently, the tourism sector has been developing in the north of Brazil. Travelers who crave to be surrounded by pure nature and enjoy extreme sports go there..

Currently, the listed states are just adapting to tourism, so communications are at an early stage of development. The uninhabited part of the Amazon is the territory of the Jau National Park with an area of ​​about 2.2 million hectares. Extensive jungle is also found in the state of Acre. The most beautiful sandy beaches can be seen in the state of Pará.


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