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Tourism in Brazil

Tourism in Brazil

The golden beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the groovy rhythms of Brazilian carnivals, the fantastic jungle in the Amazon Valley, the terrifying rumbling of waterfalls and the sultry aroma of coffee are the main attractions that tourism in Brazil relies on..

A sea of ​​delight on the coast, exclamations of joy at the sight of dancing Brazil, ahs about the delicious local cuisine - these are the main emotions of visiting travelers. The only negative that every tourist who dreams of getting here knows about is the high cost of the ticket and the flight. The well-known Ostap Bender reminded of this..

About flights in a dream and in reality

The easiest way to get to Brazil is by plane, this type of transport is chosen by tourists. All major airports in Europe are connected to distant South America.

You can travel around the country using various types of transport, sometimes very unusual:

  • buses, including the most expensive ones, with beds instead of chairs;
  • taxi on intracity routes;
  • metro - only in the capital of Brazil and São Paulo;
  • river transport, which is the main one in the Amazon.

If you wish, you can rent a car so as not to adjust to the schedule and be free to move.

Remember safety

Brazil is a sultry country with a subtle scent of danger lurking tourists everywhere. It is a hot sun, demanding to protect the delicate skin of a European, strong undercurrents that have their own plans for a guest's journey. Local residents are generally cordial and hospitable, but some of them will not stop wanting to take possession of the wallet of a gaping guest or his camera.

Solar life

The hotel base in Brazil is developed at a sufficient level, you can find luxurious 5 * apartments and modest, but quite comfortable accommodation in a three-star hotel..

Many tourists will note that Brazilian hotels are mostly old, the renovation is very slow. In general, the sluggishness, despite the hot dances, is in the nature of the locals. This can be seen in the speed of serving guests (or rather, its absence).

Holiday of the year

The main event that attracts tourists to Brazil is, of course, the carnival. Moreover, you can visit not only the capital, but also other cities, each of which has its own carnivals. It is clear that dancers gather in Rio de Janeiro not only from all over the country (even from its most remote corners), but also from the world..

Therefore, tourists who are going to Brazil just to look at the magnificent spectacle of the carnival should be prepared for the fact that emotions, passion, excitement will spin them in this crazy dance of love..


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