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Traditional cuisine of the Dominican Republic

Traditional cuisine of the Dominican Republic

Food in the Dominican Republic is characterized by the fact that the local food is quite simple, but at the same time exotic and varied..

Since every city has a variety of restaurants and eateries serving both Caribbean and European cuisines, you will never go hungry here..

Food in the Dominican Republic

Dominican cuisine is based on vegetables, rice, meat (goat, chicken, pork, beef), legumes, seafood (crabs, lobsters, shrimps, octopus, mussels), spices and herbs. The locals have a special love for bananas, so they cook them in all sorts of ways and mix them with other ingredients..

In the Dominican Republic, you should try Chicharrones de Polo (pieces of fried chicken), Sancocho (meat stewed with vegetables and rice), Asopao de Mariscos (soup based on rice and seafood), La Bandera (a dish of fried meat, red beans, white rice, vegetables and fried bananas).

In this country, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of fruits - pineapples, mangoes, watermelons, melons, bananas, pitahaya ("dragon's eye"), passion fruit, guanabana, granadilla, sea grapes, sapote.

As for desserts, you will have plenty to choose from - here you can order rice pudding, coconut cookies, cake with fruit filling (for example, pineapple), coconut popsicles.

Where to eat in the Dominican Republic? At your service:

  • restaurants (there are not only fashionable establishments, but also those that are located right on the beach);
  • cafes, bars and fast food outlets.

Drinks in the Dominican Republic

Popular drinks of the Dominicans are coffee, juices, coconut water, local rum (it can be drunk neat or diluted with Coca-Cola or Sprite).

For alcoholic beverages, it is worth trying local beer brands such as “Kiskeia”, “Seniza”, “Bohemia”, “To the President”.

The country does not produce its own wines, but you can taste some good Chilean wines here. It is worth paying attention to the national alcoholic drink - Mamahuana: this 40-degree drink is made on the basis of various herbs and roots..

Gastronomic tour to the Dominican Republic

If you wish, you can come to the Dominican Republic for a gastronomic festival: in the resort town of Sosua (Puerto Plata province) you will have the opportunity to experience the variety of local cuisine. But in addition to getting acquainted with the dishes, you can visit exhibitions and musical performances that take place within the framework of the festival.

And coffee lovers can delight themselves with a trip to the city of Moka, which is the birthplace of the world-famous coffee variety (in addition to the excursion, they will arrange a tasting for you).

Rest in the Dominican Republic is a paradise vacation: this amazing region will delight you with a wonderful climate, white beaches and unusual cuisine that combines African, European and Creole recipes.

Photos of national dishes of the Dominican Republic

  • Traditional cuisine of the Dominican Republic
  • Traditional cuisine of the Dominican Republic
  • Traditional cuisine of the Dominican Republic