Trip to the Dominican Republic

Trip to the Dominican Republic

Trip to the Dominican Republic

White sand beaches, medieval buildings, first-class rum - this is a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Public transport

Public transport in the country is represented by the following categories:

  • By regular buses.
  • Express buses. They fly between certain points according to the timetable.
  • «Gua gua».
  • Collective taxis «carro publication». Drive on certain routes.
  • Taxi.

The fare even for long distances does not exceed one hundred pesos.


Local taxi drivers do not use meters. There is simply an already established fare between certain places, therefore, as they say, «bargaining is inappropriate here».

You can find a car near any large hotel, shopping center. In a word, where there are most tourists. Services are offered by both state and small (private) companies. At the same time, the technical condition of the machines of large companies is much better than that of small firms. Remember that the cost of a trip within the city cannot be more than 50 pesos.

If you wish, you can use the services of a private cab driver, but the price must always be negotiated before boarding..

Air transport

The Dominican Republic has six major airports with international flights. But domestic flights are very poorly developed. Main domestic air carrier - company «Air santo domingo», which carries out regular flights from the capital to popular resort areas. In addition, air transportation is carried out by small companies, which also deliver tourists to the places they need on light airplanes and helicopters..

Railway transport

The country's railways are represented by narrow-gauge railways intended for the delivery of goods from sugar plantations, and the Santo Domingo metro.

Water transport

Tourists are offered to take pleasure trips on yachts to nearby islands.

Car rental

If you wish, you can rent a car, but it will cost a lot. The rental rules are standard:

  • the driver must be over 25 years old;
  • have on hand an international driving license;
  • availability of a credit card.

Mandatory insurance is another important condition. But you can rent a motorcycle or moped without it..

General country information

Traffic on the roads of the country is right-hand. The condition of the main roads is quite satisfactory, but very often you can find workers rebuilding the next part of the route after it was washed out or covered with mud. The roads in the provinces are most often the usual knurled rut..


  • Trip to the Dominican Republic
  • Trip to the Dominican Republic