Features of Luxembourg - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Luxembourg

Features of Luxembourg

One of the European countries, occupying a tiny territory, and, nevertheless, characterized by a high standard of living, calm and comfortable atmosphere. This is largely due to the national characteristics of Luxembourg, the mentality and culture of its inhabitants..

Culture comes first

Probably, this is the motto that the inhabitants of the duchy could write on their banners. For all their isolation, restraint and mood for the family, and not for entertainment, they treat all guests cordially and politely. The correctness of behavior is manifested even in small things, in case of a chance meeting on the street, not to mention the organization of the guests' rest.

Preserving cultural traditions is also natural for Luxembourgers, like a new day or night. The authorities of the country and individual communities have established many prizes, which are awarded and encouraged to workers of culture and art. Each community also has its own orchestra, which delights residents with musical concerts on weekends and holidays..

Between Germany and France

Scientists argue that the proximity to these two large states could not but affect the inhabitants of the duchy, who inherited certain characteristic features of the Germans or the French. From the first, the Luxembourgers borrowed such traits of national character: colossal diligence; obligation and responsibility; accuracy, meticulousness, striving for the ideal. The French nation has endowed its neighbors with a curious disposition, the desire to communicate with friends, colleagues, neighbors along the street or a geographical map.

This geographical position of Luxembourg has given rise to multilingualism in this rather small area. The official languages ​​of the country are German and French. In everyday life, communication takes place, as the locals joke, in the Luxembourgish language, which is based on an amazing cocktail of Low German dialects interspersed with French words and expressions.

Stronghold of the Catholic faith

Tourists are surprised to learn that the main Catholic country in Europe is not Poland, as is commonly thought, but small Luxembourg.
97% of the population consider themselves Catholics, the rest are Protestants, Jews, Orthodox Christians. The natives of Greece, Russia and Serbia also consider themselves to be followers of Orthodoxy. The population is tolerant of any religion, respecting the choice of a person.


  • Features of Luxembourg
  • Features of Luxembourg
  • Features of Luxembourg