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Tours to Cancun

Tours to Cancun

Built in the 1970s on the site of a fishing village, this Mexican resort is one of the top 5 beach destinations in the world. That is why tours to Cancun are quite in demand on the Russian market, despite the rather long flight from Moscow and expensive air tickets..

Briefly about the important

  • The resort's international airport is the second largest in the country. If the tour to Cancun is not provided with a transfer, at the exit from the arrivals hall you can pay for the trip to the booked hotel by shuttle or private taxi. The front desk is open around the clock.
  • The tropical climate at the resort provides a stable +30 at any time of the year. The rainiest months are September-October, but June and January also have impressive nighttime showers..
  • Fans of calm swimming book hotels located in the upper part of the sandy beach spit, and those who like to conquer the waves - at the bottom of it, where the sea is open to all winds.
  • Another popular tourist destination in the Cancun region is Isla Mujeres. The Island of Women, as its name translates, is distinguished by its small size, cozy beaches, calm waters and an abundance of cafes and souvenir shops..
  • In order to plunge into the authentic Mexican atmosphere, you will have to get out of the resort area and go to the down town of Cancun. There are also restaurants of national cuisine with an inherent street flavor, and shops where souvenirs are much cheaper..
  • There is a bus station in the center, from where you can go on independent excursions to places where Mayan ruins have been preserved. First class buses make the most favorable impression, you just need to take warm clothes so as not to freeze due to too much air conditioners working in them.

Tequila and other joys

The most pleasant prices for tequila and other authentic souvenirs in Mexico are in Walmart stores and regular department stores. In Cancun, they are located in the city center. In a resort area or hotel, the cost of such a souvenir will be at least doubled.
When going on trips to see the Mayan ruins, it is important to remember that tours to Cancun are a very popular way to spend a vacation around the entire North American continent, and therefore crowds of antiquity fans will not allow them to touch the antiquities on organized excursions. You can get ahead of everyone by leaving early in the morning on a regular bus to Tulum or Chichen Itza. This way of getting to know the sights of Mexico within the Yucatan Peninsula is absolutely safe and quite interesting..



  • Tours to Cancun
  • Tours to Cancun