Holidays in Mexico are traditions. Mexico National Holidays

Mexico Holidays

Mexico Holidays

Many Mexican holidays are religious in nature and often have centuries-old traditions..

Holidays and festivals in Mexico

  • New Year: on the night of January 1, fireworks are launched into the sky in Mexican cities and carnival processions begin. It is worth noting that a week before that, Mexicans hang a piñata by a rope, filling it with gifts and sweets. Good luck will accompany the whole year to the one who, blindfolded, smashes a piñata with a stick..
  • Guelaguetza (last two Mondays in July): This holiday is celebrated on a grand scale in the city of Oaxaca. Arriving here at this time, you will be able to taste the dishes of national cuisine and the mezcal drink, as well as look at theatrical performances and the competition held here to choose the queen (not only a beautiful girl becomes her, but also one who knows the local history and traditions well).
  • Festival of Santa Cecilia (November). At this time, in Mexico City, everyone will be able to listen to music in the mariachi style, see performances by musical and dance groups, enjoy traditional Mexican dishes that are sold in numerous tents..
  • Veracruz Carnival (second half of February - early March): this event lasts about 9 days and is accompanied by daily carnival parades and performances by dance groups (over 50) from the countries of North and Latin America.
  • Radish Night (December 23-24, 2015): On the night before Christmas in the city of Oaxaca, everyone rushes to the main square to look at the sculptures (buildings, statues of saints, bizarre figures) made of radishes.
  • Children's Day (April 30): On this day, parents and other relatives give gifts to children, children's centers and theaters arrange various performances and concerts for them, and large toy stores offer holiday sales.

Event tourism in Mexico

A tour can be organized to coincide with the Mexican Carnival (February-March). Regardless of which Mexican city you decide to relax in, for 5 days you can take part in festive processions, donning a costume and wearing a mask, admire the fireworks to the sound of cheerful music. And having arrived at this time in the city of Mazatlan, you can take part in various competitions and see who will become the Queen of the Carnival and the "Dread King".

And you can guess your trip to Mexico for the "Formula 1". To get to a prestigious event in the world of auto racing, it is advisable to go on a special sports tour offered by tour operators (if you plan your trip yourself, you may not have time to buy tickets that are sold out as soon as they go on sale, and also face the problem of hotel availability).

Having planned a vacation in Mexico, you will surely be very pleased, because in addition to various types of recreation, the country invites its guests to have fun at various festive events that take place here almost every month..


  • Mexico Holidays
  • Mexico Holidays
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