Holidays in Mexico in May: prices and weather. Where to relax in Mexico in May

Holidays in Mexico in May

Holidays in Mexico in May

At one time, the Latvian singer Laima gave many a dream of sultry Acapulco, the love of hot Mexican macho and the insidiousness of local beauties. Then it seemed that the song would remain a beautiful distant fairy tale. Fortunately, new times have made it possible for many people to make their dreams of Mexico a reality..

So far, not everyone can afford a tour to these heavenly lands. Due to the remoteness of the location and the long flight, vouchers to the country are not cheap. But an increasing number of Slavic tourists are making roads to the American continent, exploring the exotic homeland of the ancient Aztec tribes. A vacation in Mexico in May will fill the soul with the singing of tropical birds, and the heart - with the feeling of infinity of time..

May weather conditions

The last month of gentle spring will greet the Mexican guest with tears of joy in the form of heavy rains and tropical showers. Almost every day, the cloudless high sky is frowning, dragged by an avalanche of clouds carrying the long-awaited moisture and coolness. True, the skies turn blue again quickly.

Showers do not at all prevent the air temperature from staying above +25 ° C, and in the capital the daytime temperature is +27 ° C, and in hot Acapulco, in general, +29 ° C. The water heats up to a very comfortable state - from +22 ° C to +27 ° C.

Holidays in Mexico in May

Tourists who come here in May are not at all upset about the heavenly moisture. In Mexico, in the same resort of Acapulco, there is something to do. The city has its own special layout. There are ancient architectural monuments, its own historical center, which is called "Old Acapulco".

But, in addition to the monuments of Mexican history, tourists love to explore the "golden" or "diamond" city. Hotels, hotels, and other establishments working for the tourism business are now considered gold in this country. Diamond is chic villas and hotels.

Independence Day

Every year, on May 5th, Mexico celebrates Independence Day in unison. The date is associated with the fall of the regime of monarch Napoleon III. On this holy day for every Mexican resident, everything goes in accordance with national traditions, from costumes and food, to unrestrained dances and songs in all squares of the country. Some cities are ready to stretch out festivities for a week.

Salsa holiday

The Veracruz Salsa Festival is about to be featured in a famous Guinness book. The organizers want to gather a record number of professionals and amateurs, fans of this amazing form of dance art, and arrange a grandiose show - a sea of ​​people dancing salsa together.

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  • Holidays in Mexico in May
  • Holidays in Mexico in May