Currency in the Seychelles: exchange, import, money. What is the currency in the Seychelles?

Currency in Seychelles

Currency in Seychelles

If you love and can travel often, then you probably know that before you go to another country for a new portion of emotions and admiration, you need to know something about it. Today we will talk about what currency is the most popular in the Seychelles and what you need to know about it..


Seychelles is located in East Africa. They are a state and have a currency in circulation - the Seychelles rupee. As with most cash, one unit consists of and equates to 100 cents. It is designated in international circulation as SCR, in within the state itself - SR. For the first time, the rupee entered circulation in 1914 and is still the national currency. By the way, even today you can find money issued back in 1983, and they will be quite in demand. You can not meet them often, but if this happens, do not let it be alarming..
In circulation, you will find monetary units in denominations of 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 rupees and coins of 1 and 5 rupees and, of course, the cents themselves - 1, 5, 10 and 25.
What money to take with you on the road
What currency to take to the Seychelles? The answer is unequivocal - the dollar and the euro, they find recognition everywhere, and even African countries are no exception. It is better to take both those and others, in a ratio of approximately: 70 to 30 (euro to dollar). The euro is holding more stable positions, so place your main bet on it..

How to change

They change money at every step, these are bins and exchangers and even shops (up to $ 10). It is not necessary to go to a large city for an exchange. By the way, this country has long forgotten about the black currency market.. 
Currency exchange in Seychelles is best done at exchange offices. In banks, the rate is always slightly lower and therefore you can lose about 50 cents. Exchange as much as you need for expenses. It will be possible to exchange rupees back to euros only at the bank.
Money in the Seychelles has a fairly stable exchange rate, so you can rest assured. You can find out about it by buying any local newspaper in any store or market, it costs about 5 rupees

How much can you take

As much as you wish and absolutely any. There are no prohibitions limiting the amount of currency import to Seychelles. But there is a restriction on the export of national money from the country: no more than 2,000 rupees per person.
The Seychelles have long mastered the use of bank cards, so it is not necessary to focus solely on cash. Take your plastic card with you and be calm. You can always cash it out at the bank.


  • Currency in Seychelles
  • Currency in Seychelles