Holidays in the Seychelles in August: prices and weather. Where to relax in the Seychelles in August

Holidays in the Seychelles in August

Holidays in the Seychelles in August

An amazing tropical winter is coming to its logical conclusion. However, tourists who choose a vacation in the Seychelles in August will not be disappointed at all. The relatively cool season is actually characterized by rather high temperatures, rains are extremely rare, tourists will probably forget about the umbrella.

The rather strong monsoons arriving on the islands from the southeast make the air dry, so people who do not tolerate tropical moisture can plan their holidays in the Seychelles..


August, considered here as the last winter month, pleases with very high temperatures. Average day around +29 ºC, at night the thermometer will drop by 5-6 ºC. Such small differences lead to the fact that there are no warm sweaters or jackets in the suitcases of tourists. The Indian Ocean is also happy for tourists swimming at comfortable temperatures, an average of +26 ºC.

In search of impressions

Such cool temperatures increase the activity of visitors to the islands. It is very comfortable to travel around cities and islands, sightseeing, natural beauty and historical monuments.

The first to meet tourists is the capital of the Seychelles - the beauty Victoria. Cozy streets breathe peace and quiet, low houses with delicate terraces and flowing light fabrics of curtains, colorful benches filled with all sorts of exotic things, Creole restaurants come across at every step.

Shady alleys of palms or exotic fruit trees invite for a walk and acquaintance with the provincial world of the town. In the central square, you can see the Clock Tower, which is slowly counting down the Seychelles time. She is the younger sister of the famous London «Tower clock».

Nature lovers will find the famous orchid garden, where the most beautiful representatives of this family from all over the world are gathered. And in the local botanical garden you can admire other beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees. Victoria's most amazing experiences with endless cinnamon plantations.

Snorkeling in the Seychelles

Swimming below the surface, without deep diving, is widespread on the islands. The equipment for this type of rest is minimal - fins, a breathing tube, a mask. Minimal effort, and even children learn this way of spending time. Secluded coves and pretty quiet beaches suitable for snorkelling are at every turn. Well, you can endlessly watch the rich life of the ocean and its inhabitants..

Photos of holidays in the Seychelles

  • Holidays in the Seychelles in August
  • Holidays in the Seychelles in August