Bus tours to Slovenia. Cost of bus tours in Slovenia 2016

Bus tours to Slovenia

Bus tours to Slovenia

Today there are 50 states in Europe. One way or another, each of them is attractive for tourists: in coastal countries, of course, the beach type of recreation predominates; all the rest beckon Russians with their sights, ski resorts and just a warm atmosphere.

Most people choose Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Sweden, France for vacation. However, do not forget about other states that are no less beautiful than large European countries. One of these countries is Slovenia.

By bus to Slovenia

The advantage of this country is that it can be reached by both air and land. Bus tours to Slovenia usually include visits from 2 to 7 cities per trip.

There is one significant drawback in bus tours in Slovenia - the length of the trip. You will have to spend more than a day on the road, and not all people can withstand such a load. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry today is ready to offer several types of sedatives that help with motion sickness on a long journey. Be that as it may, bus tours to Slovenia often include railway crossings as well as flights. The choice is always left directly to the tourist.

As for the country itself, then:

  • Slovenia is a country of mysteries and historical beauty.
  • Among other things, this state is respectful of any religion. That is why more than 2.3 thousand churches and temples are located throughout the country..
  • Fortresses and castles have survived and are constantly being restored to this day..
  • Walking along the streets of Slovenian cities, tourists feel very comfortable - there are many pavements, old-fashioned buildings and attractive restaurants..

Despite the fact that Slovenia is a visa country, holidays there are relatively inexpensive. In every city, in every district, you can easily find a hotel, hotel or hostel for every taste - from 2 to 5 stars. However, most tourists prefer cheap and not so comfortable accommodation, since, ultimately, they only come to their room to spend the night, and prefer to eat in inexpensive, but very cozy restaurants..

It is also important that almost all Slovenes perfectly understand Russian, as it is close to Slovenian. However, Italian and German dialects can also be found in coastal areas..

Bus tours to Slovenia are not yet the most popular, but the number of tourists in this country is increasing every year. Many are attracted by the cheap travel by bus, as well as the relatively inexpensive rest in this state..

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  • Bus tours to Slovenia