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Education in Slovenia

Education in Slovenia

Choosing Slovenia as an educational center, you can get a temporary residence permit, get acquainted with the culture, language, way of life, interesting corners of the country. You can come to Slovenia under the Erasmus program (student exchange).

What are the advantages of getting an education in Slovenia?

  • Opportunity to gain knowledge in English;
  • Low tuition fees;
  • A large selection of educational programs;
  • Opportunity to undergo training and get a working contract with European firms.

Higher education in Slovenia

You can enter a Slovenian university immediately after leaving school. Despite the fact that many educational institutions offer to study in Slovenian (preparatory language courses can be taken at the University of Ljubljana), there are also those where it is possible to study in English.

You can get higher education at one of the 3 universities in Slovenia - Primorsky, University of Ljubljana and Maribor. You can also study in professional colleges (the educational process takes 3-4 years), after training in which graduates are issued engineering degrees with qualifications “certified engineer”.

Upon entering the university, students will study for 4-6 years and, upon graduation, defend their thesis. University graduates receive diplomas with professional qualifications in a specific field, for example, “academy graduate”, “teacher”. After that, you can continue training to obtain qualifications “specialist”, “master” or “doctor” natural or human sciences.

In Slovenia, you can enroll in the EMBA business school: world-class specialists with experience in business schools in Europe and America teach here. To enter this business school, you need to have worked for at least 3 years in the relevant field of activity and have certain achievements of a professional, academic or personal nature..

Language classes

It is not difficult to learn the Slovenian language - it belongs to the group of Slavic languages ​​(similar to the Old Russian language). For this purpose, you can choose any Slovenian language courses intended for foreigners: the best specialists who are graduates of the Linguistic University of Ljubljana will help students learn the language from elementary to advanced.

Work while studying

Students are allowed to work while studying only during vacations!

Studying in Slovenia means living in the heart of Europe, freely moving around the EU countries, earning money while studying and getting a job in Europe.

Photos of educational institutions in Slovenia

  • Education in Slovenia
  • Education in Slovenia
  • Education in Slovenia
  • Education in Slovenia