Where is the best place to relax in Slovenia. Where to go in Slovenia?

Where to relax in Slovenia

Where to relax in Slovenia

At first glance, an inconspicuous country can be a discovery for everyone who wishes to get to know it better. Mountain ranges, transparent rivers, magnificent waterfalls and, of course, pebble beaches can be an amazing place even for the experienced traveler. But where is the best place to relax in Slovenia?

Holidays for the whole family

When choosing a place to stay with young children, there is no better resort than Portorož and Izola. Everything here is simply created for the rest of little travelers. Sandy beaches, thermal springs and healing procedures - what else is needed to recuperate and have a good rest. Portorož is considered too noisy, but also the most luxurious resort in Slovenia. Resort guests are given the opportunity to live in a three-star hotel or villa, but this «stardom» will not affect the provided service in any way.

For families with children, it is best to go to Bled, Strunjan or Rogaska Slatina. There are many forests, healing treatments and a lot of entertainment. It is not typical for Slovenia to equip a beach specifically for children, so when choosing a hotel or a villa, you should be interested in this issue. The locals are very friendly towards little vacationers and can even give the kid a souvenir just like that..

Rest for active people

The town of Izola surprises with romance and attracts with ancient architecture. It is not only a beautiful resort, but also a great sailing destination. The wind rose and comfortable bays have long been a place where it is better to relax in Slovenia for desperate yachtsmen and windsurfers. Various jazz and dance festivals are also held here quite often..

Lake Bled is also a great place to have a great vacation. Here you can simply take a walk, enjoying the surrounding landscapes or take a bike ride, play golf or enjoy playing tennis..

Trigla National Park, located 28 km from the lake, is another must-see. Here you can see a completely unique lake of glacial origin, Bohinj. Mountaineering routes have been laid out for the most active tourists.

Excursion rest

Sightseeing tours in Slovenia must include a visit to the Velen Castle. It is a unique architectural gem dating back to the 13th century. Postojna Cave is the next place worth visiting. There are blind fish in underground reservoirs, and the passages of the cave are so wide that you can even ride a carriage here. The cave stretches for a huge 23 km of absolutely incredible adventures. 9 km from it there is the Predyamsk castle, when visiting which you will be told a beautiful legend about the robber knight Erasmus of Predyamsk.

For travelers by car, there are many camping options. It is possible to stop at designated places and set up a tent. This trip can be completely unforgettable for the whole family..

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