Rest in Sochi - photo. Summer vacation in Sochi 2015

Rest in Sochi

Rest in Sochi

Rest in Sochi allows vacationers to enjoy the azure sea, mountain landscapes, beautiful nature, healthy air, as well as engage in vigorous activities.

The main types of recreation in Sochi

  • Excursion: you can walk in the Riviera Park, famous for its shady alleys and sculptures created by Sochi craftsmen (kids can ride various attractions), look into the Arboretum, the Sochi Art Museum (personal exhibitions of various artists are often held here), see Mikhailo- Cathedral of the Archangel.
  • Active: tourists in Sochi have the opportunity to go diving, underwater fishing, rock climbing, hiking, parasailing, yachting, rafting, caving or horse riding.
  • Beach: at your service - small pebble and sandy beaches, which have rental points (here you can rent beach equipment, a hydro bike, jet ski or a boat). Pay attention to Primorsky (there is everything you need for recreation, including a catamarans rental) and the beach “Lighthouse”(there are water-speed attractions, a water park, and nearby shops, bars and restaurants).
  • Medical: in the sanatoriums of Sochi you will be offered to undergo a course of balneotherapy, mud therapy, paraffin therapy, etc..
  • Event-driven: a trip to Sochi is worth planning for the Festival of Jazz and Organ Music, the Russian Mountain Bike Championship, the Fashion Festival, and the International Cycling Race.


The price level for tours to Sochi depends on the season. If your goal is to relax on the beaches, then the best time to visit Sochi is July-end of September, and skiers should head here in December-end of March..

Prices in Sochi increase markedly during the summer season. So, when compared with the low season, from April to May, vouchers rise in price by about 20%, and from June to August - by 45-80%. This is due to the fact that in the summer months a large number of tourists rush to Sochi, and show business stars also come here with touring programs. It should be noted that the increase in the cost of vouchers is observed during the period of the Kinotavr International Film Festival (June).

A slight decrease in the cost of tours in Sochi is observed in the low season, which lasts from mid-November to early December, as well as from late March to mid-April.

On a note!

When going on the road, you should put in your suitcase beach accessories (swimsuit / swimming trunks, headwear, comfortable shoes, sunscreen), a small first aid kit (put there the most necessary medicines prescribed by your doctor, as well as drugs for poisoning, antipyretic and disinfectants - everything else can be bought locally, at the pharmacy).

In the summer, you should not take warm clothes with you, but you should grab an umbrella, since heavy downpours can fall on the city at this time of the year..

Since old water pipelines function in the city, and particles of plaque from pipes can get into the water, on vacation in Sochi, you should not neglect the filtration and boiling of water, and it is even better to use bottled water.

Photos of rest in Sochi

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