Excursions to Sochi. Sightseeing tours in Sochi

Excursions in Sochi

Excursions in Sochi

Sochi can be called one of the most famous and popular cities in Russia, because it is here that amazing sights and beautiful nature are located, and the climate is favorable regardless of the time of year during which the trip takes place. Excursions in Sochi allow you to enjoy a rich tourist trip and discover new facets of Russia.

What attracts Sochi?

A sightseeing tour will allow you to understand why Sochi won the hearts of many people. You can already imagine how attractive subtropical vegetation can be and what amazing benefits a favorable healing climate has. However, Sochi is famous not only for this. During a sightseeing tour, you can learn the history of the emergence and development of the resort, prospects. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see the most famous sights, among which it is necessary to note the Marine Station, the Church of the Archangel Michael, the balneological complex «Matsesta». All sightseeing tours in Sochi involve a trip to the hydropathic establishment and a walk to the cave, from where the underground river begins. You can visit a unique park «Arboretum», which is a green treasury with more than 2000 plants from around the world.

Unique sights of Sochi

What sights of Sochi deserve acquaintance? What should be included in the mandatory excursion program for this resort?

  • The rose garden attracts many tourists, because it is during the acquaintance with this attraction that you can see amazingly beautiful flowers. In addition, the rose garden attracts with unusual sculptures and fountains, which could become an organic addition to the park..
  • The park «Riviera» attracts many locals and tourists. The year of its foundation was 1898. «Riviera» is considered one of the most wonderful places in Sochi. On the territory of the park there is a green theater, in which celebrities of Russia often perform.
  • The Sochi Art Museum allows you to see the best works of Aivazovsky, Shishkin and other Russian artists. Sometimes the administration of the museum organizes personal art exhibitions, which also attract art lovers.
  • Orekhovsky waterfall attracts many tourists who want to get closer to the wonderful nature. The waterfall, which reaches a height of 27.5 meters, is surrounded by oaks and chestnuts, making it look especially beautiful.
  • Yewsosamshitovaya grove, which is home to more than 60 varieties of trees and shrubs, can be the best place to walk on a hot day. The fauna museum is located here. From the observation deck you can see wonderful landscapes and marvel at the beauty of the Khosta River.

Photos of excursions in Sochi

  • Excursions in Sochi
  • Excursions in Sochi
  • Excursions in Sochi