Beaches of Rostov-on-Don: photo. The best sandy beaches of Rostov-on-Don (Russia)

Rostov-on-Don beaches

Rostov-on-Don beaches

The Russian city of Rostov, bordering Ukraine, is located on the banks of the Don River. Locals who know the best places and beaches of Rostov-on-Don, where you can relax after busy days, prefer to sunbathe and swim without leaving the city. Oddly enough, there are really a decent number of beaches here, and many of them are quite suitable for a comfortable stay, even with the whole family. The beaches are located not only in Rostov itself, but also scattered throughout the Rostov region. Among the beaches of Rostov there are both paid and free recreation areas.

City Beach

On the left bank of the Don is the City Beach, which is considered the most popular among visiting tourists. Due to the high demand for local sands, public transport runs here at intervals of just a few minutes. Be that as it may, lovers of walking in unfamiliar terrain can reach this beach and on foot.

The city beach is not only the most popular, but also the largest beach in the city. The best sandy beaches of Rostov-on-Don cannot be compared with its quiet grandeur - its territory stretches for almost 200 meters along the Don. You can relax here in splendid isolation, and with the whole family - it all depends on the preferences of the vacationer. Despite its popularity, the beach is pretty clean. The most sultry hours will help to survive the numerous trees that abundantly grow on its territory. Local cafes offer a good selection of varied food and bars provide quality refreshing drinks.

Green Island

Locals call this beach the paradise of Rostov. This is not surprising: the local nature and tranquility evoke thoughts of heavenly tranquility, and the beauty of the landscape will dispel all remaining doubts about this. The Green Island is located in the suburbs, so there are an order of magnitude less tourists here than on the City Beach - it is a little more difficult to get here. The local reservoir is quite shallow, so vacationers come here with their children..

In addition to standard services, vacationers on the Green Island can also:

  1. enjoy the clean and warm sand;
  2. relax on an uncrowded beach;
  3. visit a cafe with national dishes;
  4. have fun at a youth free disco;
  5. play football or volleyball at local courts.

Children and curious adults alike can visit the local water park, which is full of original attractions. The green island is popular not only among the residents of Rostov, but also among all residents of the Rostov region, who flock here for the weekend to have a good rest..

Photos of the beaches of Rostov-on-Don

  • Rostov-on-Don beaches
  • Rostov-on-Don beaches
  • Rostov-on-Don beaches