Children's camps in the Volgograd region for the summer. Children's camps in the Volgograd region 2015

Children's camps in the Volgograd region

Children's camps in the Volgograd region

The Volgograd Region is the location of many popular camps for schoolchildren. The sphere of children's recreation is developing very quickly. New children's camps and sanatoriums appear in the region every year. The moderate continental climate of the Volgograd region causes little snow, cold winters and hot summers. It is located in the southeast of the Russian Plain and is far from the seas. There are few forests in the region, but there are many rivers. The main landscapes are steppes and semi-deserts. The climate in the Volgograd region is heterogeneous, it changes from north-west to south-east: aridity increases and precipitation decreases.

Children's camps in the Volgograd region are located mainly along river banks, in comfortable and green areas. Summer in these parts is the longest time of the year. The summer period is characterized by droughts and heat. The abundance of sunny days is the difference between many districts of the Volgograd region.

Features of children's recreation in camps

Schoolchildren are waiting for numerous camps, functioning according to different programs. Children's camps offer to spend school holidays with benefits for the mind and health. Comfortable institutions are located in various districts of the region. In the camps, children are guaranteed a full range of services for a rich summer vacation: fresh air, picturesque nature, healthy and fresh food, many outdoor and sports games, educational activities, a swimming pool. Every child is safe throughout the shift. For this, there is round-the-clock security in the fenced area..

Counselors and educators comply with hygiene and safety requirements. In addition, each camp has a qualified doctor who monitors the health of children around the clock. The cost of the tour usually includes insurance. Recreational children's camps in the Volgograd region are developing programs with a developmental focus. They include creative and intellectual games, show events that broaden the horizons.

Some institutions offer unique leadership development programs. Games contribute to the growth of the authority and self-esteem of schoolchildren. Not a single child will go unnoticed in the camp. Immediately after their arrival, children find themselves in another world, where their own rules and customs apply. Workshops, active games and outdoor sports events are held daily for them. A friendly atmosphere prevails in the camps, in which it is easy to adapt. Every day at the health camp starts with exercise. Instructors and counselors conduct outdoor activities and games: volleyball, football, tennis, etc. Programs are designed for the individual characteristics of each student.

Photos of children's camps in the Volgograd region

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