How long is the flight from Madrid to Moscow? Time of flight Madrid - Moscow

How long to fly from Madrid to Moscow?

How long is the flight from Madrid to Moscow?

On vacation in Madrid, you managed to visit the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium, see the Palace of Santa Cruz, walk along the Gran Vía, take a funicular ride to Casa de Campo park, look at the paintings of Botticelli and Rubens in the Prado Museum, have a snack at the Jamon Museum, admire Stradivari violins and ancient weapons at the Royal Palace, as well as opera and ballet performances at the Royal Theater? Now you are looking for information about the return flight.?

How long to fly from Madrid to Moscow (direct flight)?

The Spanish capital is more than 3400 km away from Moscow, which you will be able to overcome in about 5 hours. With "Air Europa" you will stay in the air for 4 hours and 50 minutes, and with "Iberia" - 5 hours.

Want to know how much a Madrid-Moscow flight will cost you? Tickets at reasonable prices are sold in May and April (about 7,500 rubles), and on average they cost 19,400-23,500 rubles.

Flight Madrid-Moscow with transfers

When connecting in Brussels, Rome, Geneva, Casablanca or other cities, the air trip will last 6-25 hours. The duration of your flight will be 6 hours when flying to Moscow via Prague ("Czech Airlines"), 19 hours - via Casablanca ("Royal Air Maroc"), 7 hours - via Barcelona ("Aeroflot"), 14 hours - via Geneva (" Swiss "), 11 hours - via Warsaw and Prague (" LOT "), 25 hours - via Athens (" Aegean Airlines "), 17 hours - via Amsterdam (" KLM "), 11 hours - via Frankfurt am Main ( Lufthansa), 13.5 hours via Paris (Air France), 8 hours via Rome (Alitalia).

Which airline to choose?

Boeing 737-800, Embraer 190, Airbus A 318 and other airliners belonging to the following airlines fly on the route you need: "Iberia"; "KLM"; "Vueling"; "Niki".

Check-in for the Madrid-Moscow flight takes place at Barajas Airport (MAD), located 12 km from the center of Madrid (you will be able to move between the terminals with the free green buses going in the direction of T1, T2, T3 and T4). Here you can make purchases in one of 100 shops (there are duty-free), while away the time before departure in a restaurant, snack bar, VIP-hall with free Internet access, use the services of post office, exchange office and telegraph office. And for children there are playrooms (you can find them in terminals T2 and T4).

What to do with yourself on the plane?

In the air, it is worth considering which of friends and relatives to present gifts purchased in Madrid in the form of products symbolizing the football club "Real Madrid", herbal tea, candied violets, jamon, souvenirs with the royal coat of arms, figurines of bulls and bullfighters, Spanish guitar, castanets, souvenir scarves, perfumery products of the "Alvarez Gomez" brand.


  • How long is the flight from Madrid to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Madrid to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Madrid to Moscow?