Cost of living in the USA

Cost of living in the USA

Cost of living in the USA

America is perhaps one of the most interesting countries offering a varied vacation - the snowy slopes of the Rocky Mountains, the white beaches of Florida, wild Las Vegas and much more. People come here to see a country that has been seen a million times in films, to meet a world celebrity, and to get language practice. What is the cost of living in the United States for a tourist who wants to plunge into this diversity??

Hotels and hotels

There are a large number of hotels of any comfort level in the country - from the most budget hotels to luxurious and expensive ones. In large cities and coastal areas, prices are correspondingly higher. Hostels or mini-hotels are an easy option when looking for accommodation in the United States. The daily cost of a bed in a hostel starts from $ 20, and in a hotel - from $ 60. Camping sites are also popular among tourists, and there are many of them in the country. It is even cheaper to spend the night in it - $ 15–20. Expensive hotels in the United States seem to be created in order to spend money in them. A standard room can be rented for $ 150-200, further prices are simply exorbitant.


McDonald's is clearly not an option, even on a budget vacation. For those who are not going to spend a lot of money on food or eat only hamburgers, it is recommended to buy groceries and cook themselves. When it comes to cafes, in the United States, you can find a decent place with an inexpensive menu at every turn. In such establishments, an average dinner for two will cost $ 20-40. Good restaurants will ask for $ 50-100 for dinner for two, and gourmet restaurants will serve $ 200-500.


It's easier to drive around the city:

  1. on buses;
  2. on a rented car;
  3. by taxi.

The choice of a means of transportation depends on how much the region of the country is developed in terms of tourism. Buses run precisely in these areas, for long distances in the city you will have to move with transfers. Then it's easier to rent a car. It will cost, depending on the class of the car, from $ 15. They also ask for a small deposit plus expenses on gasoline. 40 liters of gasoline will cost about $ 50, and parking about $ 10. Taxis in the USA are expensive.


A ticket for an excursion can be purchased for $ 20-25, and fun at Disneyland - for $ 100. You can see the famous Universal Studio for $ 80. It is possible to order a bus tour around the city. The price of such a walk starts from $ 20.

On average, for two people a day for a good but modest rest, $ 100-200 is enough. Of course, this amount does not include any serious purchases or some kind of exclusive entertainment. When planning a trip to the USA, you should consider other expenses besides food and accommodation..


  • Cost of living in the USA
  • Cost of living in the USA
  • Cost of living in the USA