Bus tours to Karelia. The cost of bus tours in Karelia 2016

Bus tours to Karelia

Bus tours to Karelia

If you have long dreamed of getting to know the Karelian Territory, learning its history and visiting Petrozavodsk, Olonets, Medvezhyegorsk, Kiryazh, Valaam Island or Honkasalo, then bus tours to Karelia will help you do it comfortably and at a very low cost. In Karelia, you can wander around the magnificent Ruskeala Park, take pictures of waterfalls near the Tohmajoki River, and visit the interesting Taruniemi Peninsula. The excursion program is very diverse, so your money will definitely not be wasted. During the tour, you can not only relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of the Karelian region, but also learn a lot, as well as fill in some cultural gaps.

The best sights of Karelia

Of course, you won't be able to see the whole region in one trip, but the saturation of the programs is still very high. They usually cover acquaintance with the military and peaceful history of the region and visiting the most popular tourist attractions:

  1. Petrovsky Garden in Petrozavodsk;
  2. Valaam monastery;
  3. Ruskeala marble quarry;
  4. Ancient volcanoes;
  5. Vazheozersky monastery;
  6. Kizhi necklace;
  7. Warriors and many others.

The main routes of most excursion tours run around Lake Ladoga, which is the largest freshwater lake in Europe. Travelers will not be bored on the road, as they will always have something to see. On the way, tourists will pass the most beautiful places in Karelia, inspect high granite rocks that shimmer in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow, stop admiring slender pines.

The road will not take long, but travelers will feel comfortable during the journeys. In just three days you will have time to visit the famous waterfalls, Ruskeala Park and ancient settlements if you follow the rich excursion program.

The cost of a comfortable bus tour

If you book a bus tour, you will not have to buy additional train tickets, and there will be no night crossings. This will save you both time on impressions and a significant amount of money. On the way, you can explore the Alexander-Svirsky monastery, as well as visit the border between Russia and Sweden. Not a single minute of the trip will be wasted, and the guide will accompany your trip with relevant historical references and comments..

Usually the duration of a tour to Karelia is from three to seven days, and the average cost is from 7 to 20 thousand rubles, depending on the richness of the excursion program. Considering that you pay for an unforgettable experience, the prices for bus tours to Karelia can be called very democratic.

Nature of Karelia

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